A very Happy New Year….& it continues

May everyone have Days to smile

Moments to have twinkle in the eyes

The life be never in vain

New hopes and opportunities come again

Your wrinkles be less on face

You move in happy steady pace

Have a wonderful life

And may you never deny

We are because of everyone around us

Help those who in need of same

If not we may wish to do

Feel compassion for everyone sleep & Awake

Rise & Shine here the glory comes to us

Smile to dance, no more any worry to blame




I am burning in cage
I am burning in cage
Pieces of me
Left the aisle inside
Judge me to love
The hatred fills alive
I am standing alone
So so alone
No drops of rain
No flakes of snow
Wishes are gone
Dreams didn’t survived
I am in hell
I am in hell
Here burning alive
I don’t wish to be abandoned
I ain’t a doll be rescued
A human worth if enough
If only the God knows through
My shimmer dispersed
My glitter torn away
I see no light
The Darkness has stayed here
It wants me
No friendship in sign
All relationships are dead
I’m burning in me
I am trapped in mine
I aid no pay
I say no goal
I imagine a lonely walk
A way to go
I keep walking
Till I find this cage
Broken from inside
I will remember
The people who saw
The only wish was more
I would have never saw
The truth be out
I don’t need anyone
The dark gives me power
I am all inside
Seeing the gaps
Just walking away
Scratching my nails
I feel free myself
And when I free
And I know I’ll be
I will just walk away
Silently and slow
I knew my future
Belongs without you
And I live few moments within
Yet the last moment
Has left never to confuse
The burning cage from inside
I’ll survive

Some Reasons


There are some reasons
I really start to think over
If I wish to fall away
Or just wish to stand
Have I already tried to make
Or just made it bend
I have played them well
No more aces left in my hand
Only when I take it all
I can see what my destiny means
Beside who cares for love?
Beside who care it all?

There are reasons
There is some truth
If I may wish to skip
I may end up in a mess
Purifying up my skin
In scattered sunshine
Heavy arms around
Wishful thinking signs
Surrounding me with those
Benign of the tress
Following suits of strings
In yellow flowering fence
Pick up and run
Take it easy, take it easy
Hit off and fly
It’s not the end after all

There are some reasons
And some rainbow behind
Clouds are grey
But I am in love with those songs
Of my dreams and desires
Siting in pink and red
Always reminding of the dance
There is always another chance
A lover or a friend?
If I let it be free
If I may still find some me in me

There are some reasons
There are some lies
I am glad to see
Visions of the truth maybe
Find my self
I may so be lost in sea
The scent of this girl
Lost and found in me
She’s free, fierce and precious
Finding the love still in her beautiful heart
Feeling of losing forever
And never letting her go
I am glad, I can still see her
As she reminds me of me

There are some reasons
There are some dreams
I may be alive to live
Let me dream, Let me know
Listening to some music
Or may be some talking
I dream of seeing the magic
Let me be free or anything
I see the stars sometimes
Shining so bright in the sky
It’s my future, it’s my heart
I believe in angels
Good in everything
I am still counting
One two three
Here I go again, here I go again
Me to celebrate me

The Wishing Well


My wishes to a wishing well
Curtsey bows and shell
Images still vague in time
Places to choose which were mine
White quick to play
Black tries to hide
Grey comes to amuse
And lies come alive
I choose something
To pleasure and to plight
I admire it the most
Withering the sunrise
When ocean back waters
When winds takes its pride
I amused at the laugh
This flattered my own disguise
The curtains are red
The skies are blue
If I should run
I often be the new moon
I hope eclipse forget me
And full moon takes the play
To my dances in this well
I try pressing beyond life clay
Walking behind my path
Are the silver marks of first rain
When I hold the drop
Never falling in vain
I paused I saw
I wish I penciled
In the moments of seldom few
Wish this well
I wish to be me
I shall break all bonds in ages
All handcuffs to be free
Standing on the top
With the emerald meadows shine
Love in my heart
Is still very divine
Why I still see some pain?
Why entirety ends to the same?
If clouds are shattered
If the music is so fade
Why I still can hear?
The melodies of this angry mane
I wish to see clearly
I wish to strive
For long as I live
I be loved and be alive
Let me just fall
And let me then stand
I am here now
Here where I am meant
My wishes to a wishing well
Curtsey bows and shell
Images still undefined
Places to choose which were mine.
Places to choose which were mine.

Wishful Thinking


On a starry night
My wishes tend to ask
Why do you cry?
What do you seek?
There is a pleasant self
Uprising on the reef
Your soul is your window
A vision to the world
Here you random ask
Why I suffer this loss
Who’s happy here?
Who doesn’t seek?
The knock to your door
Rings the same bell
When you choose life
Over the arbitrary hell
My wishes are more
My time is less
All I face to choose
Surrendering to the ultimate you
Surrendering to the ultimate you

Heaven is my smile
Tears are my joy
Silently wishing in the night
Those moments of truths
The face, the eyes, the toys
All will believe
When you dance to the tune
Of the bringing a human in you
Kiss the trees, love the soil
It’s the wondrous part of few
Images are shattered
When you say a lie
Hands are fold and left
Only to alone die
Why to curse?
Why to break?
When all which is owned
Stayed here when you had left
Write your own story
With an ink of sunshine
Build a leaf
Rising on the virtuous time
All that matters by heart
Stay ever true
All I face to choose
Surrendering to the ultimate you
Surrendering to the ultimate you



How often you can see
Rare chances of this life
When you take the wrong
And it turns out to be right
And when you start to love
Those small bleeping lies
But what it fore turns
Are the rare chances of this life

How often you can think
Of the luxuries in this life
You need everything
Tops the list in this drive
When you know the more
Wants being so endless
What a small smile can do
Favors the joys of this wellness
And when you start to see
That’s when you start to live
But what it fore turns
Are the rare chances of this life

Miseries and failures triumph
When heart rules over mind
It takes two to be correct
While it take one to end
And when you choose both
There comes a withstand
Your wishes are the soul
A Mirror to your mind
You then see to follow
Whenever try to bend
Those lovely memories of past
You wish to just hold them
Before turning back
But what it fore turns
Are the rare chances of this life

When you enjoy your present
More than your past
And when you sing
The rhythm ever to last
That’s when you really live life
And everything you wished
Is all what you get
But such is life
They are just mirages of the thrive
And the rare chances of this life

Behold to head up high
And try to remember
What you all got
What you just mended
May be the last person isn’t far
May be being alone does catch
And the last train doesn’t fetch
So be wise and free
And never lose to hypocrisy
When you start to see
That’s when you start to drive
And what it fore turns
Are the rare chances of this life

Forgetful past


Past is what we chose, present is what we choose and our future inevitably gets chosen.

Today I am going to write about an essential aspect of our lives- our past. A past we know, sometimes we treasure, sometimes we feel sad about and sometimes we regret. Everyone had a past which had an impact on the future we live today. This past changes us, sometimes for the bad, sometimes for the good. So how to describe this past? Eventful or regretful? Is it necessary for us to be worse version for ourselves because of the past? Well many times it could hamper to the extent that we lose our original selves in the heat of hatred, jealousy and betrayal. But what can we do? After all it’s a part of our human emotions to react like this. That’s what emotions are for.

Many times I just wish to go back and take some correct decisions in my past. I would do everything I hoped, I could have done and step away from people I desire now, just would have deleted by then. Several a times I just wish for the small button to be in my hand and rewind for to be a better me than I am today. But would that solve everything? Or even it would solve anything at all? Even if I could, is this the solution to all my problems and circumstances that are bothering me now? There are many movies made on these thoughts of hoping to be older or younger, go back in time and live the life but to see that the conditions aren’t actually the same. It is worse than the expected. So maybe it’s like that way only. What you thought to be true may just be an illusion of your dreamy brains.

Currently I learnt something which very much answers that why I want to correct my past and why I shouldn’t be getting the rewind button in my life. Life always gives opportunities. It always does and it will keep on doing that until you’re pretty much alive. I think that decisions that I took, may be not very well correct and that I should correct it but who made me think realized it? Who made me think that better decisions are needed? Who? Answer is experience and it comes from experiencing the past. If you don’t have it, you can never differentiate between a wrong and a right one and until you know, you will never care about wrong and right. So past gives you a wonderful gift- experience. The more experienced you are, the less likely you are going to commit the same mistake unless its love-that anyway makes people go crazy and make mistakes. As in the words of Paulo coelho

“People never learn from anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves. So that’s what experiences do and experience counts. “

Another reason would be as a person, even if I try to go back or forward I still am the same person. So even with the fact to know the past or future I may not change everything because if I could, I would have changed now in my present and no need for thinking to travel in the past and wish for the miracle. To have a miracle, I have to be the miracle. I heard it somewhere and perfectly fits up here. If I lost many things to the fact trusting people blindly, so even if I get in my past either I would trust them again & again to feel betrayed or I many not trust people at all and lose so beautiful relationships in my life. Many times what we try to change like our mistakes, that had only made people closer to us, respects to us and felt important to us and if this changes, that would change too. Anyway no one wants to die being alone. Our life is what we make of it and people are what we see in them. So rather hoping to change the past, we should change our present and live future brilliantly.

Various times our past comes in front of us. Ever wondered why? When I thought, something came into my mind. May be the past coming back is a signal, either to take an opportunity you lost because it belongs to you or may be to completely erase it from your mind. It may come for better or worse but one thing is for sure, people change from it. People many change their habits but they sure don’t change their characters. So choose wisely if to let your past enter in your life or not. My change led me to be a better person and I endure it. Now if I think, about my wish to learn the dance when I was little now is the time to acquire it. May be the bones would be a little stiff but still it is better than a stiff journey and will only make an enjoyable to travel. May be that’s the reason if you believe in reincarnation, we don’t remember our past lives because god wants us to look forwards and fresh in a better way. Past can only be knowledgeable for a lesson and never worshiped. To end with the words of Jane Austen

“You must learn some of my philosophy. Think of the past as the remembrance that gives you pleasure”

A Letter to my friend

A letter to my friend which ode a surprise. Much lesser scale on road, Very few to care for a while.
There are places to find and people to meet. I loved the road less traveled, of all the sources fit.
Fuzzy boots and crinkled smile, these shoes I hope to last for a while.
and here I try to ride it all to the end, the essence of sharing is best with a lovely friend.

While I try to check-in into a hotel, my intentions were doubled sized in total.
The rooms are nicer with a view; I have picked some dreams from drops of dew.
Of all I tried to jump of the past, my hands were full with wishes to last.
The first knock at the door, with food from the far. I loved the sounds of changes, chiming on the bar.
Appraisals melody to the fit, sightseeing here praises the myth.
There are stories and stories behind the unfold truth; I like the rhyming of the past vow being lit.

From taking memories out a mile, which I have been earning for a file.
This trip seems a sure shot one; I have all the experience that needs to be count.
So ending this letter with a smile, where amazing things happened for all the while.
I loved the fact there are places to explore and much breaths to take some more. So,
Wishes wishes I wish this for a life, there are chances for good if you happened to take them on time.

My summer umbrella


Every season I have my hands full of wishes, There are one for the day and one for the year, My colours are always brushed in blue, Though the others are never far from being true, I made my desires for each colour to sew, Into an umbrella made of honey eyed summer dew, Now I have my hands swinging in this lovely season, Not farther is my summer umbrella with a rainy vision

For every grip that holds it tight, A Single drop of rain that makes it light, Surprise for the pink and purple on the right, Dancing on the time of every splash to fight, How to tell about the colors shining through the clouds?, Making a pathway for sun to say it out loud, No matter how you see and envision it on a sea, My sweet summer umbrella is chasing to be free

For once I came out in a hurry around, But my mind knew for what I have overlooked in round, And I am still so busy running in and of life, Surrounded by big starry eyes behind odd smiles, For the first summer lightning I started to hear, The buzz of something important was now much clear, I have left my colors in a stick somewhere being sound, For my beautiful summer umbrella had left the town

Those summers I kept waiting on days and more days to come, There was no sign of those jingling colors of fun, This is when I finally sat down on rear of a lane, The passing shadow turned into a sweet little mane, This is when the lightning approached with a thought, A lovely friend came back to me as a rock, He carried my life full of round choices to see, Seek to gift my joyous bundle of summers, Back from where it was once originated to be

This time I was certain to keep it safe, Enjoy the bliss of umbrella before losing it to some maze, For every other season there was an only wish to buy, Saying my beautiful summer umbrella, a singing hi, For not the only facts of many colors one could see, It brought me back my friend who meant everything to me, So now you know why I like to be in my summer cream, Former keeping the sweet umbrella safe in my dream!