Thought of the Day

Purpose of a soul

A new dawn to dusk

A Journey just begun

Shining bright away 

The sky is limitless

Every often in ease

The cries are harder

But inside only inside 

Nobody will know

Nobody will see

My smiles shine enough 

I have million miles to travel

I fight with my demons

And a winner everyday 

Come dance with me

You’ll never know 

The journey have just begun 



Dirección de Arte y fotografía.                   Opening night 13th Feb...Arrabal puro, Tango de la Guardia Vieja. Pedro Alverez:

Quick Quick slow
Quick Quick slow
I own the place
My own damn show
I work the pace
I move my waist
I chose to glide
I’ll make your sight worthwhile
In this miseries of soul
Watch me go
Quick Quick Slow
Quick Quick Slow

Worries fly away
Mirrors shine high
Pretending not to me
Then again be in a mile
I have the tunes
That hymn so loud
I have never seen someone
Dance in such a style
Quick Quick Glide
And then you turn it on again
Again another show
Quick Quick Slow
Quick Quick Slow

Mark me red
Unmark me white
I try to be fleur
Many time its different
More times alike
My patience be pretty
My time be testified
The journey says for itself
The peace is dignified
I have received the message
The demons walk by
I believe in the bow
Quick Quick Slow
Quick Quick Slow

Walk to the shore
Imagine walking free
Singing to the tune
Of beautiful release
There you can see the glory
The right thought inside
The way you were meant to be
The way exactly you used to be
The way it should be
& the way it will be
Quick Quick Slow
Quick Quick Slow

L’amour est la poésie des sens


I share a world, with myself
I find myself dwelling often inside
I have seen enough, well not so far
The images still shadow some truth in pride
Did I made the scenery big and clear?
Whether it is the stones pelting upon
Or maybe the spices that have shown again
I really wonder less or more in time
I am in hurry and this makes no sense
But then who cares? I may not touch you again
I wondered without you is there any place to belong?
Somewhere only If I know you are still thinking about me
Will the time be possible this way?
Any denies or goodbyes is getting weaker again and again
Maybe just a matter of time till it shines and fades by
There will be always me, down the ride
Just waiting for your arms to reach mine
The lips never to kiss the byes again
To the day we will meet again, once again
Walk past by, Walk with me, I see much afar
The stars just shine for us, making me cry
The moon has spread the vision, incredibly in white
So why the doubt of fire walking in fate?
See in my eyes, Don’t you just get the love?
The path has to be always chosen carefully
But My love is crazy, fiery and ready for the test
Lips speaking the wetness of this soul entrapped
Hard times in the frozen winds
I have always felt the cold inside
The feeling of numbness and pain
The look of your face seems so warm
You’re the faith I have been looking for
Come ,walk by past me and I can see some magic
The hand that touches your heart again
The look in the eyes make me fall insane
The love never got shortened
No matter how much I deny the part of you
You’ll always be my remedy, the part of me
The way you look at me with a smile, I can never deny
I will be with you, the unstoppable part of this destiny
We belong together and there will be no other chance
I am yours and I made you mine, Forever, Is It?

Dedicated to my Love:  SAAMEER


Being Useless

I prefer being useless
I demand explanation
I am traveling far
I am skipping this situation
I fight with stones
The mountain turns deep
I have often felt
A lonely shallow creeps
Walking a while
I built a trend of vicious sand
The wind doesn’t whisper
The trees don’t laugh
Am i still the one
Speaking enough
Or just being useless helps
Whatever is the case
People save their face
The awkwardness of lies
The eyes that makes it Justify
The arms makes promises to keep
The hands walk miles away in sleep
The comfort of skin turn pale
Whenever I hear your name
The faking togetherness
Immersed in the sea of tears
I am a pelting stone
Shining in the same sand
Which every night
Slowly, Takes my dream away
Slowly, Takes my dream away
I still walk, why?
I have still moments to see
I should live life as should a girl
A doll less bitter, much better
My eyes see everything
The insults aren’t new to our kind
Definitely not worth the hype
Moments taken to write
What I have done so far?
Why is justice never served?
Another melodrama
From my chapter of life
None to be bothered
None to feel
My heart longs for the melody
Coming true someway
Walking towards me
The snow in my hands
Feels so soft
The coldness shiver inside
I am still dancing the same
I am not complaining
I would never guess
Being useless usually helps

Here’s to a Morning


This morning I woke up

Smelling some fresh roses

As they come withering

Inside my coffee poses

I stance up from the bed

Waking thoughts inside my head

The winds whispers in my ears

Someone still waiting for a yes

Or may be its an illusion

Too beautiful to be true

I don’t know how to leave you

I don’t know how to keep you

I can’t love, I can’t hate

I am just somewhere

Wondering along those lonely faces

That once that said was mine

But now too far and too few

I can see this morning forever

If it happens to be true

Playing my favorite song

And walking with you

Only if I could dream of this

Or just make my heart feel the warmth

Someday it’s all going to make sense

Someday it’s all going to be a charm

I would fall in dreams of my own

The moments I choose to be with you

There would be no tears

The goodbyes just be broken

If you see me strong enough

Don’t be so surprised

For your love is what make it counts

The scent of this morning

Make me reminds of you

We are beautiful

We are true

Standing together

Too beautiful to be true

This morning has came

As my another dream

I choose to found me

When I tried to fell in you

For if you just stay

Never let go

I promise to keep mine

As I promise to you

Conscience says where Conscience stays


From people to pass
From mornings to wake
My conscience is clear
Myself pretty much awake
Or If I trusted on a thread
Made of truth and betrayal
I landed on my axle
Twice making the same mistake
Apparently there are no reasons
There is nothing to be justified
I sleep with my conscience
Pretty every night to be awake
If there is any path to choose
I had took the twisted turn
and to hold myself in the arms
Of loyalty, hypocrisy and learn
People turn into bad
They let you see every fear
Of all mistakes seen
The smallest make you shy
the one that make us lean
I may throw a random tantrum
To let me heard and to be seen
For its far time passed by
Letting me die invisibly
I have tried holding the grudges
Of the superficial time
It tried to tick me
Whenever there is a new passer by
Punching in the air
Won’t help it go away
The truth is to be confronted
For the revenge I hereby seek
Collateral damages are necessary
If you try to judge my inner tree
Its branches are falling out
Its life seems dull on a sea
Still I stand on my foot to feel
My roots are stronger than you’ll ever see
With every belief I chart
My conscience is clear
Myself to be
My target sails on a line
Or if I call on you
And you seem to see
There are times when I try to be dead
Then my conscience never let me.

How much is close enough?

How much is close enough?
How to disclose enough?
I am confused being me
I tried to fix the left of we
There you tried to hold
Scold me to unfold
Now If I say I love you
And thinking of you again
I can see to it be truly wow
I don’t even like you now

This is the overly time
And the over nuisance of you
You can’t drop me to match
I won’t let you forget the scratch
When you feel the ciao
It’s when you do the bow
I can see to it be truly wow
I don’t even like you now

Find yourself as I am finding me
I am truly in love with why I left we
Treasure Treasure, I feel within
Escapism is the merely a route being mean
Like it to say you love me again
Let me hear it tease your brain
And now I can see to it be truly wow
Hell to care, I don’t even like you now

Thousand to count


For thousand times in life
I have seen true people to lie
The charm inherited beyond their smile
Happiness at times merely last for a while

For thousand things you will say
And many more to just think if you may
Often there are ways to mend behind
To make most of everything when in time

For thousand things you may like to please
Many more societies you impress to be
Of one mirror to look beyond your face
Depths of soul will for once set to take your place

For thousand things you may feel
Sometimes pleasant, sometimes obstinate to see
You may let go off the hand trying to be you
But you could never let go thinking of a whom

For thousand things may just happen to be
Once in a million moreover you miss to see
What lays inside the one’s own self?
Is what you would ever really want to be

“I met you once and I knew you then and I did respect the very fact of it. But now here I see, I don’t want to know any of you. If you try to see just ignore me. Tell me I don’t exist, already much of it I have seen. I really don’t want to see any of it. Now you go miss something that wasn’t and I continue not remembering something that existed.There are billion people in this world but truly all we need is one- ours truly one”

Mirror to Show


Another damn day on the dawn

Another night to rhythms away on lawn

Behind I got a mirror to see

Liked the Uncertainty hustled in me

Whenever I see it, I doubt the grasp

Is it me or just alternative lovely mask

Whether I know this person who acts on mime

To come doubly on the other side of time

This face has lied for thousand truths

Behind the woods of mystic fruits

Mirror o mirror, reflection of thee

If I ask you may, if I choose to see

My dilemma of that summer day

Somewhere I intended to trace

Whether I tried to carry it

Or it made me does the chase

There are still dreams of someone

I seek roughly to treasure it there

Beneath all the lovely skin

There is a name different to see

Lost in the realm of mirages

I seek the internal me

Is there a promising life?

A world away from world

If I would lose the mask

Over the predilection of a popular style

Living in this mirrored world

For many years of being survived

There are various golden and silver glasses to see

Still not a solo mirror for me

A friend in need


“A friend in need

Is a friend indeed

Too much requirements

Of the icing on the preach

There are many people in life

No matter how they see

Those who choose to be close

Are the farthest indeed”

We all choose life full of beauty, value, happiness and friends. And we try our best to concentrate on each of them. Of all of them friendship is the most genuine gift ever known.  But still some people try to play with it and trick it. No one is stupid enough in this world they won’t know he or she being used or played, just we love the other one so much that it sometimes looks appropriate to be used because we care about them. Human are supposed to be bonded with each other since the early evaluation. They are the only being who can express themselves so well. So there were earlier times when people learned to bond and now people are learning to bond and play whatever circumstance may make it seem right. They carefully choose people as friends like a future investment and use them whenever and wherever required.  Some of the lines of a poet I remembered were actually quite suitable on this

“I hugged them with my heart

And smile on my face

While there hands on the back

Searched for my empty pockets”

People are really blessed if they find such good friends. Many of us has made life a game of winning or losing only but where’s the middle part where you can see what are you winning and what are you losing on expense of that winning? Why can’t we just enjoy and endure our beautiful friendships than using them for good or bad. We as humans are social animal. We know how to express ourselves deeply giving emotions of liking and hatred and hurting etc. There is just no justification to cheat a friend no matter how important any business deal is or how much in love you are with someone new. If a friend is worth keeping there is no reason for why you should choose something over your friend. The thing is that a friend is the one who will sit in a corner if you are cornered and vice verse. He would need no explanation even if you seem loser to the whole world. So why can’t we be just honest with ourselves and our friends. If you are true to your commitments towards him then don’t let time take those precious moments you can spend with your best friend. Hug him, call him, stand for him, make time for him and love him for everything right and make him realize about his wrong turns but don’t make his faults the reason to betray him. Most of us realize about how important was he or she once they are gone. Don’t let that happen. It’s not a right thing at all. Tell him if you have some problem with him and he could either make it right or you could know you way out to step.

We live in a universe which brings us back to where we start just like the cycle of life so better throw the things which you would like to come back that way or be prepared for the worse after all there is an interest that get due for in between time. Life’s short and times are shorter so why to complicate everything? Be friends with them who you can commit or rather be acquaintances on work basis. On the last note

“On the sands of the sea

Footsteps of you and me

I walk on each step of you

Before you could make through

For I will clean your path

Not a scratch on your heart

This promise I made to myself

And I will forever say

We are friends forever

Till the true heavens have a place to stay”