L’amour est la poésie des sens


I share a world, with myself
I find myself dwelling often inside
I have seen enough, well not so far
The images still shadow some truth in pride
Did I made the scenery big and clear?
Whether it is the stones pelting upon
Or maybe the spices that have shown again
I really wonder less or more in time
I am in hurry and this makes no sense
But then who cares? I may not touch you again
I wondered without you is there any place to belong?
Somewhere only If I know you are still thinking about me
Will the time be possible this way?
Any denies or goodbyes is getting weaker again and again
Maybe just a matter of time till it shines and fades by
There will be always me, down the ride
Just waiting for your arms to reach mine
The lips never to kiss the byes again
To the day we will meet again, once again
Walk past by, Walk with me, I see much afar
The stars just shine for us, making me cry
The moon has spread the vision, incredibly in white
So why the doubt of fire walking in fate?
See in my eyes, Don’t you just get the love?
The path has to be always chosen carefully
But My love is crazy, fiery and ready for the test
Lips speaking the wetness of this soul entrapped
Hard times in the frozen winds
I have always felt the cold inside
The feeling of numbness and pain
The look of your face seems so warm
You’re the faith I have been looking for
Come ,walk by past me and I can see some magic
The hand that touches your heart again
The look in the eyes make me fall insane
The love never got shortened
No matter how much I deny the part of you
You’ll always be my remedy, the part of me
The way you look at me with a smile, I can never deny
I will be with you, the unstoppable part of this destiny
We belong together and there will be no other chance
I am yours and I made you mine, Forever, Is It?

Dedicated to my Love:  SAAMEER






Meshes uproar in a high
Awaited thorough circles
Together we smiled
Tonight waking under the stars
I have this moment for a while
Make the elegance washed
The most glorious part of you
I have been crowned before
I had this thought earlier
The centre of this gravity
The walk before the miles
I am into a shadow
A disappearance worth miles
We are who we are
In the innocence of lights
In the music of shimmer
I wished it again
No pounding diaries to write,
Amazes and amassed
More stories to listen
I am just walking
I am just keep walking
One reason not to change
One another to let this go away
Why do people keep fearing
Why there is none to see the feet
They have been running
For quite awhile
People fall for mysterious ways
Maybe it’s just a blink
Towards the thousands stars to see
Maybe we find it all
Where we are
Where we’ll be
Smile is just that it all takes💕

Curses of a Shadow


Dreams to decorate, Chances to fascinate
To emerge from a lonely shore
Broken on your immortal chores
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

You are a disgrace, you happen to be a face
Full of disguises and lies, walking with a tale
Churning time on a hell’s base
You are disappointment, your body despise
Who cares for the truth?
Even you shadow diminished, with every passing of mile
May you suffer to last breath, May you chase for a life
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

If you seek the water, falling on a river side
Your hand is struck, with not a drop to luck
Whatever you wish for, whatever you seek
You many get the differing, following another streak
How you let me feel the pain, with numbness in your gain
As I wish you gratify the same
Not in less
But tripling chances, never to go in vain
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

You cheated, you lied
You killed me, you left me putrefied
I lie around here, still alive
Only to diminish your soul, to curse your life
You may get the same
Whatever you gave, whatever you tamed
If I feel a pinch inside, if I feel any pain
It’s your gift on to game, for a love full of shame
Be down be hate
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

May you discover, the piece of life
And lose it forever, on a chasing wind miles
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

Appearance of a shadow


Thinking of the past

Did it ever made you cry?

Underneath the pretty shell

Dumplings of sweet lie

The burdens are just so high

Elevating those true spirits of life

If I could really understood

The meaning of your lonely stranded eyes

When the words were sugar

And the fights were spice

The love sparked around

In the matter of surprise

Only if I could just be the name

The breath of your last wish

And I fulfilling the same

Loving thoughts and a cherished smile

We have walked since for more than a mile

I still try often to see

If only step back turns to cry

The judgement of more inferior pain

Criticizing and moaning of sun over rain

Together they go in denial

Many time fireworks off the pile

If I could ever hold it once

If I could ever hold it again

Slipped through my fingers

Is the past of mine

Though the appearance of a shadow

Rekindled the present of time