Scared of Love


I am scared
Of the thing called love
This is so scary
This is so miserable
I am usually never right
I am Usually never scared
I take the right turns
On every other wrong
I have been complemented enough
I have taken the betrayal much
Of all the places
Love- you will never want to be
It’s scary
It makes you miserable
It will take the life out of you
It brings the hell within
The shell will surround you blue
It’s will break you into thousand
The dreams become shallow
The heart becomes a man eater
Follow you through all the pieces
So you many never make it alike
When your kindness is taken
Made it like a mistake
If I would know love would search me
Like the shattered glass I have became
I would leave this world behind
And search the real love I deserved
Wish I have been the soul
Not so sickened about the lies
I may see the better world
Not wearing a skin of lies
Maybe gaining is a momentum
And losing a sigh
Wish you had been the same
I would have least thought of hating
Now I don’t feel anything
Nor any sign
But I am very scared
Of this thing called love
It is a last place to be
It makes you miserable
I don’t know any karma
I don’t know any disgrace
I just know to wake me up
I have been pinched too hard
Just to smile at my situation
Keep laughing traitor
Thanks for leaving me alone
Thanks for laughing at me
I am thankful for the fear of love
You have given me so beautifully
I could never have gotten it by myself
I will walk away, With all my dignity
And my shattered pieces you won’t be stepping on
I will build a castle out of it
But still no place for love
No miseries to come
Just life full of kindness
And mistaken identities


Here’s to a Morning


This morning I woke up

Smelling some fresh roses

As they come withering

Inside my coffee poses

I stance up from the bed

Waking thoughts inside my head

The winds whispers in my ears

Someone still waiting for a yes

Or may be its an illusion

Too beautiful to be true

I don’t know how to leave you

I don’t know how to keep you

I can’t love, I can’t hate

I am just somewhere

Wondering along those lonely faces

That once that said was mine

But now too far and too few

I can see this morning forever

If it happens to be true

Playing my favorite song

And walking with you

Only if I could dream of this

Or just make my heart feel the warmth

Someday it’s all going to make sense

Someday it’s all going to be a charm

I would fall in dreams of my own

The moments I choose to be with you

There would be no tears

The goodbyes just be broken

If you see me strong enough

Don’t be so surprised

For your love is what make it counts

The scent of this morning

Make me reminds of you

We are beautiful

We are true

Standing together

Too beautiful to be true

This morning has came

As my another dream

I choose to found me

When I tried to fell in you

For if you just stay

Never let go

I promise to keep mine

As I promise to you