Why are you so weak?


Starting with a blank page
Walking through the lanes
My windows are open
The air dancing is still pale
Barren lands await in every corner
Mistaken identities
Again so guarded
The choices are less
I still have no clue
A friend, A partner of dawn
A simple question to ask
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The miseries of human nature
The acceptance and defaults
Bodies plays a role defying in minutes
Running hot ,Just up and down endlessly
Why its so difficult to figure
The only Yes or No syllables
Knowing people only make it worse
The sides part anyway
Cold bloodied emotions
The tears tear away inside
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The music plays in my hands
My lips shut so tight
There are voices in my head
Why does my heart plays to disguise
Guide the feet to walk away freely
The disappointments walk by side
I wonder still the lies may be twisted
Seeing in eye to eye
Promises of a Never land
The cuts become sharper in pride
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The lame responses to forget
The endless wait of the nights
The hands became numb
The glance of the sky went high
I only see walking away
From the tomorrow you stole away
I am turning the pages
Burning the whole book you lied
The nuisance is frayed
I am going up to the peak
You standing here being a man
But Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

You don’t touch me
The way it is used to be
This don’t happen like this
Holding on isn’t enough
I want to see the plunge
Hanging on the neck
Risk being seen in all my glory
I dream again and again
I reject the acceptance I need from you
I stand for my own self
I project all the stories from inside
I will cherish love and fear but you,
Just so weak
Just so weak




There are many faces of us to see
Some are beautiful and some ugly to be
Chances uphold for you to meet
One in all different aspects of me

I choose the golden one for the day, where I meet people who seem okay. They try to be my friends of all ships of tree; virtually everything is sweet as meant to be. But the moment occurs behind my back, I see the illusion of each their prank. Back biting isn’t the only thing I fear to see, as one in all different aspects of me.

Next to choose the blue one for the dusk, all together hiding of day and night ends up in musk. We travel with thousand faces to churn, like a candle accompanied by loneliness to burn. I try to meet some stranger of my life, turning the pages silently into the fight. Still I haven’t saw the face I am looking far right, may be the masquerades exists in place of sight.

Last I choose for purple to fix with my beautiful red lips. There are dreams of passion, of music and of life, I may dance for a while or look at the mirror in side. My masquerades too are pretty heavy on kind; I fought with them all through the night. I try to be alone without their kite but the strings are pretty neat to be tight. I have held my wishes of broken lies, no more faces of ugly and bright. I just want to be in love for one only mighty be, like pinching rest different aspects of me.

Purple pink blue yellow to won
My eyes are looking for a new dawn
These masquerades are pretty tight
Choosing beneath of darkness and light
There are many faces of us to see
Some are beautiful and some ugly to be

Thousand to count


For thousand times in life
I have seen true people to lie
The charm inherited beyond their smile
Happiness at times merely last for a while

For thousand things you will say
And many more to just think if you may
Often there are ways to mend behind
To make most of everything when in time

For thousand things you may like to please
Many more societies you impress to be
Of one mirror to look beyond your face
Depths of soul will for once set to take your place

For thousand things you may feel
Sometimes pleasant, sometimes obstinate to see
You may let go off the hand trying to be you
But you could never let go thinking of a whom

For thousand things may just happen to be
Once in a million moreover you miss to see
What lays inside the one’s own self?
Is what you would ever really want to be

“I met you once and I knew you then and I did respect the very fact of it. But now here I see, I don’t want to know any of you. If you try to see just ignore me. Tell me I don’t exist, already much of it I have seen. I really don’t want to see any of it. Now you go miss something that wasn’t and I continue not remembering something that existed.There are billion people in this world but truly all we need is one- ours truly one”

People who mattered


Once in the life of ours

Happened people who mattered

Whose only fear of losing

Were stung by the voices of our sweet chatter

The mind that had gone bizarre

Wish we had folded hands to make star

Here followed wishes behind

Too blind to see what next was in line

Well along the lightning got struck

Apart in line varying on time

Besides it took forever to reach

Practice only that you preach

Jumping of our souls

Was the light of the day

Where darkness too stranded

On the shores of a lonely bay

There was a war ahead

That could be felt in the view

Whom judgement I could say

I myself a lost soul in wake of the day

Once in life of ours

Happened people who mattered

Only now left to dawn

The pieces of sudden shatter

An era of pain


I am planning an escape

Through a dark long maze

The knock is silent to be

Sparks do fly

And everywhere it chooses to see

There is nothing to ask nobody why

Amazing seems our patches

Life’s all short of catches

Never fully satisfies

Is the new born attach

Life’s hurtful a bit

Too loud, discouraging to admit

Apparently there are reasons

To let thousands of them to fly

I am picked by pieces

And many more to try

Hurt isn’t the only thing

That kiss me an hi

Around are some souls

Shy matters of the cry

Ugly souls have the saddest choices

And the platter of a tie

I am looking at a paper

Too blank to lie

True Times


There are special times

And there are people in life

Whom we share and laugh

Enjoy the very thoughts of being mine

And yet there are reasons

For not letting us smile

More than togetherness

It is a matter of swinging tide

For countless reasons to let go

Those precious hands of time

Many times there were kisses of the stars

Were the witnesses of everything and behind

But the curtain which never went off

It was a little piece of destined mind

For all the special shades of love

The true feeling of you in my pride

There are many reasons to forget

And millions to wish you were mine

I have got many ins and outs to celebrate

For every cause there is a tear of a kind

But for every cry to look

I have thousand smiles in there to find

So there are special times

And many times some people in life

Of very reason or path that led me to you

I tried to pour a wishful hand of forgetting mind

Still sometimes I wish for the sky

For the audience in the stars to say a forgetful hi

May be still there are reasons to forget

And millions to still wish if you could be mine