I have awakened in this life
Been asleep for decades
Does that make me weak?
Tell me why never I heard
The touches of this very reality
There were no smiles in the past life
I am shivering to the core
How possibly could I let this happen?
Ever walking, falling & running
Then some moments arrived
The some that stayed so warm
Touched the most fragile me of me
I am still trying to see it clearly
Is this fairly an illusion of my eyes?
Or surviving real petals are being so greatly
The lonesome sensations are still existent
For nobody can drive them away
But one thing be changed for sure
My feeling, where I do belong now
There is an abode for us
The universe has conspired to fit in
Perhaps we can smile
Walk together for a while
But then I won’t recognize for sure
This love can be so veracious
For I am just falling into my present
Where I see you
Never freaking like this may not happen
Never believing I could keep you forever
Only truth in my universe
I, me myself unruffled for you
As even if time falls short
I will still have the supreme of this life
My feet is cold walking on the ocean
I touched the surface with some pebbles that scratched
Never have I felt any pain
Never it be mattered in the realm
Even if I tumble this time
I be least flowing in beauty of your dreams


Wishful Thinking


On a starry night
My wishes tend to ask
Why do you cry?
What do you seek?
There is a pleasant self
Uprising on the reef
Your soul is your window
A vision to the world
Here you random ask
Why I suffer this loss
Who’s happy here?
Who doesn’t seek?
The knock to your door
Rings the same bell
When you choose life
Over the arbitrary hell
My wishes are more
My time is less
All I face to choose
Surrendering to the ultimate you
Surrendering to the ultimate you

Heaven is my smile
Tears are my joy
Silently wishing in the night
Those moments of truths
The face, the eyes, the toys
All will believe
When you dance to the tune
Of the bringing a human in you
Kiss the trees, love the soil
It’s the wondrous part of few
Images are shattered
When you say a lie
Hands are fold and left
Only to alone die
Why to curse?
Why to break?
When all which is owned
Stayed here when you had left
Write your own story
With an ink of sunshine
Build a leaf
Rising on the virtuous time
All that matters by heart
Stay ever true
All I face to choose
Surrendering to the ultimate you
Surrendering to the ultimate you


There are many faces of us to see
Some are beautiful and some ugly to be
Chances uphold for you to meet
One in all different aspects of me

I choose the golden one for the day, where I meet people who seem okay. They try to be my friends of all ships of tree; virtually everything is sweet as meant to be. But the moment occurs behind my back, I see the illusion of each their prank. Back biting isn’t the only thing I fear to see, as one in all different aspects of me.

Next to choose the blue one for the dusk, all together hiding of day and night ends up in musk. We travel with thousand faces to churn, like a candle accompanied by loneliness to burn. I try to meet some stranger of my life, turning the pages silently into the fight. Still I haven’t saw the face I am looking far right, may be the masquerades exists in place of sight.

Last I choose for purple to fix with my beautiful red lips. There are dreams of passion, of music and of life, I may dance for a while or look at the mirror in side. My masquerades too are pretty heavy on kind; I fought with them all through the night. I try to be alone without their kite but the strings are pretty neat to be tight. I have held my wishes of broken lies, no more faces of ugly and bright. I just want to be in love for one only mighty be, like pinching rest different aspects of me.

Purple pink blue yellow to won
My eyes are looking for a new dawn
These masquerades are pretty tight
Choosing beneath of darkness and light
There are many faces of us to see
Some are beautiful and some ugly to be