A very Happy New Year….& it continues

May everyone have Days to smile

Moments to have twinkle in the eyes

The life be never in vain

New hopes and opportunities come again

Your wrinkles be less on face

You move in happy steady pace

Have a wonderful life

And may you never deny

We are because of everyone around us

Help those who in need of same

If not we may wish to do

Feel compassion for everyone sleep & Awake

Rise & Shine here the glory comes to us

Smile to dance, no more any worry to blame


I!- Overcame you


Playing wishes on my guitar

Random heart songs in a star

Twinkling toes behind a smile

Super pleasing dance for a while

These chords I did played

After whispering a long age in laid

Bet I have a secret, I can’t deny

The more I try to go away

The more it’s making itself coming a long way


Crossing the ocean line

Pushing my strings to fly

Here I go, opened my parole

Ticking the backdoor on a good bye carol

I don’t need you if you don’t care

There are some things people wold never dare

Eventually people do forget

No matter what they say

You won’t be draped for long

In my sweet picture of coming way


Of all things they feel

It’s the love that happens to fail

At times it’s understood to just be

Choosing someone shiny new over the old bee

But don’t you forget that bee is a bee

I have still got my sharpened sting

If you dare try, you can see


To dance in this rain

Playing wishes on my guitar

I have now learnt a new song

Straight from smiles of a star

Little secrets that last for a while

But after all

It’s an irrevocable part of a life


I wish you the very best of the same

May you never forget, the love of this mane

As far as I am, I can see

There are thousands smiles with open hands

To welcome a new me

So cheerio and be away…..J

There is no place on earth

I would like to be with you for stay

Ring of fire

The new begginings for today

the closing sphere for the past

I can see the future

Be sure, it may last

soverign was the my last demand

I knew it will end

still I was blamed for the sky

for something I didnt meant

I am collecting all the love

circle it with huge fire

you can see it in my eyes

its all the little pain

I will swallow