A bit

Finding peace within sky,

My limit is thorough,

I live numerous lives around,

But the dream remains still.


Prayer to the Mother


Prayer for the kind of alike self
To mother nature- we need your help
We are children belonging to you
Don’t let us forget how to be true
Our mistakes are beyond par
We savagely destroyed so much in war
Cutting the trees and building own house
On persistence neglecting everyone else arouse
Your broken heart belongs to us
Never did anything to make it up
We are sorry for what we did
Don’t be so angry on the human seed
Your children died selfless because of us
We never raised a chin to dusk
Chances are tomorrow some people may forget
May not even still bothered to be wet
But there are children that love you to the core
Whose morning and evening rest on your shore
Your eyes are our soul to heaven
On your shoulders we can sleep on seven
We together will try to make it a safer place
Where you and we can coexist with space
Help us, as we pray to you
O Mother Nature, you’re our only clue
O Mother Nature, you’re our only clue

This poem is dedicated to the natural disaster in uttarakhand, India. Rather calling it as natural disaster, we are the one that made it to happen. Time is short, life is shorter. We love our kids and try to give them the best things available and still treasure to pass on them a burden of a barren earth with no life. Ever think they will die of hunger, of water and of air if we continue to pollute out environment at same pace. Nature never destroys; just we try to cross the line. Let us help Mother Nature in protecting us and let her live so as our future generations to come with peace and quality.

Flood imag1

Dilemma of a dawn

This morning I woke up like

Past my life past my alike

I wondered for a moment to be sure

If it’s the same fall on last night lure

Surprising to see

I wasn’t where I was meant to be

Over blue and beyond stack

Green on the right, white on the rack

The colors that cherry-pick bewitched to plea

Or was it the yesterday in a similar dream

Just like a day on the year cream

There I saw a window of sight

Cleared it with my hand of flight

Arbitrary answers and questions to seal

Still wasn’t there I was meant to deal

I try to seek it, for once came out

Blue water yellow sand in a stout

The perspective was wider to see

I could feel much inside of me

The hand rose up to catch a pretty fin

My voice was raised to watch a poise sing

As destiny was purposed to be

A bit clear where It was meant to see

Finally I walked down the ice

I drowned, I left and I purposed it on a slice

And opened my eyes to thee

More alive of life was left in me

The candle which was carried away by wind

Counting on Years and years amass of sin

Was finally lit beneath the blue

To rose under spur and dew

No further did any problem I see

This was all I meant to be

The Day when I found my wings

I still remember the day when I was lost

I was so sure to never hear my voice

The choices were over and as I could see

It was nothing so it’s better dead to be

So I lay down quietly in my stage

Till I found around a beautiful new page

It drew someone, roughly like a face

Something was there, I was sure

Just doubted my abilities with complete endure

But when he swiftly said hello with a pace

I could now see a touch more than a face

Blinked and blinked to see if it was true

I touched to see if it fades as everything other do

But then I see I am not dreaming anymore

So I moved a step forward and one less one more

The days passed and with each thrive

I could feel enchanting pleasure in my empty life

The house and the nearby beautiful meadows

I could hear him, with every sunshine, flower and shadow

He lives within my thoughts all and for a while

May be I could say someday, you’re the best thing

For all things that made me smiled,

The day when I was lost has gone for now

And I can see myself in each dusk and dawn

Thanks to you for coming around and made me sing

To make a lifeless bird alive and giving back its wings.

Ring of fire

The new begginings for today

the closing sphere for the past

I can see the future

Be sure, it may last

soverign was the my last demand

I knew it will end

still I was blamed for the sky

for something I didnt meant

I am collecting all the love

circle it with huge fire

you can see it in my eyes

its all the little pain

I will swallow

Beautiful Moments

The sun in the sky meets the rainbow in the arms
not too far to go not too close to find
this sweet smell of moments make me go fly
it is the beautiful moments of the day en the warmth of the nights

so how far I have to go in search of it
it has many paths and wander much of a bit
with the each circle it make me go away
and each time the magnet make me stick to it

I can feel the love in me with the colors of the sky
its blue its red its green and its shy
each time it comes with a pink touch of glow
make me red and makes me white

all I can feel is U within me
my heart regains U every time it beats
just shouting out to see from where will U hear
the beautiful moments of the day and the warmth of the nights