Myself in Deny


There are few instances of me
Imagery shaking off the sea
Whispers of this gentle breeze
Making me go away from me
Apparent reason and lies
I wish I could deny
I feel them in my hands
Taking away one by one
It happens to me twice
When I am free and alive
But how you See?
Isn’t How you always feel
Try me a little
Never hurt anymore
There are moments wrapped
Of the sore choices to frozen
Oh I wish. How I would be?
If I am wrapped in black
Or trident extreme
Make me a major
Point to the sunrise
For my path is full
Of pebbles deep throttling design
Faith is beautiful
It is deep inside
Let me be what I was
wondering how much to forbid
Most important thing to lie
I,Me and myself in deny
I,me and myself in deny


I,Me & Myself

rain 2

I am shedding my tears

For the ultimate fear

Forsaken forgotten me

I lie inside a tiny tree

Often am changing my lane

From the fast pace world chain

I am letting the sand away

To just feel what I missed in way

I am spreading my arms

And removing gasping inside

Feel the life

Once lost no foresight

I am trying to sit back and relax

Hell care about what someone can axe

I am wondering here and thereby

Is there a life left still to say hi

Where was I gone, where have I been slept?

I have been asleep for long

And been changed for life on bet

For now I have been woke up on

Much more than just an alarm clock song