A bit

Finding peace within sky,

My limit is thorough,

I live numerous lives around,

But the dream remains still.





How do I Start something I am not able to say
How do I find the words that I am not able to write
Why the world seems so broken
Why does the sun shine so dark
I have seen the glittery walks of life
I am targeted and bruised but why left Alive
Millions of pieces in me get back together every time
I never wanted it all or never being judged in misery
Why the future hanging loose in tide
It will never be the problems of people intact
There is always hatred, affairs and jealousy
Why? Why was I the problem inside
I was meant to go far far away
I have been judged, crushed & squished
In the all five senses I can see
As far as the sixth sense go
I am still suffering in misery
There is no shining light to guide
There will be never any justice to serve
There will always be dominant people
Crushing all the dreams coming your way perturbed
They will not stop at this, mindfulness carries in sway
The cries will just get louder, the broken will be never glued away
Stand up, stay high, More pains coming your way
Walk faster, fast slower the yells will follow in peace
The silence cuts the ears while my demons never walked away
There are always choices and yes I agree
Working it out, Sweating it out
I choose to just fade away
Be lost to the darkest of the ocean bed
I finally see the dream which will make it all comes to sense
I just want freedom out of everyone I know
Away and Away here I come
If the spirits could help, I have a favor to ask
Please let me be free, Just a stupid girl Alive
You don’t have to be scared of me
I am not that special one,I know it now and ever
LEAVE ME and don’t follow along
I just want to be away all, nowhere to know
You can go help all those who betrayed me
I wont know a thing, no pain felt inside
Just let me go away from my shadows
I will never get in the face of the wishes you determine
The destiny will always be curtained to mine
I will follow and taste my own dish in fire
No need to be scared of my lovely life
For it is scarred to be always like this deepest in your sight

I!- Overcame you


Playing wishes on my guitar

Random heart songs in a star

Twinkling toes behind a smile

Super pleasing dance for a while

These chords I did played

After whispering a long age in laid

Bet I have a secret, I can’t deny

The more I try to go away

The more it’s making itself coming a long way


Crossing the ocean line

Pushing my strings to fly

Here I go, opened my parole

Ticking the backdoor on a good bye carol

I don’t need you if you don’t care

There are some things people wold never dare

Eventually people do forget

No matter what they say

You won’t be draped for long

In my sweet picture of coming way


Of all things they feel

It’s the love that happens to fail

At times it’s understood to just be

Choosing someone shiny new over the old bee

But don’t you forget that bee is a bee

I have still got my sharpened sting

If you dare try, you can see


To dance in this rain

Playing wishes on my guitar

I have now learnt a new song

Straight from smiles of a star

Little secrets that last for a while

But after all

It’s an irrevocable part of a life


I wish you the very best of the same

May you never forget, the love of this mane

As far as I am, I can see

There are thousands smiles with open hands

To welcome a new me

So cheerio and be away…..J

There is no place on earth

I would like to be with you for stay