Set me free


Why am I here?
Why I see it wrong?
Am I the only one
Who don’t see it to belong
Why there is a chase
Behind the ring of fire
Too much to stress
Too much to retire
I have known it all along
I have known it all free
For the sake of something
I feel tied to eternity
i have faith
I have my demands
I just want to be me
Is the too much to ask?
Feels so complicated
I’m  A lover
Not a fighter
I seldom choose life
Something little tighter
When there is a way
I wish to swirl around
Dance my way
Make me more ponder
Tweet the beat
Make me find me again
I will be way
Behind what you trail
See if i hold
My destiny await in me
People being together
But living alone
So much better
When i see it from the moon
I have tried my cape
Clearing out of my mind
Live with me
Don’t tie me up
I am born to set up free
There is no rules
Addicted to you
Still very addicted to you
Your heart is my kingdom
I rule as a queen
Just set me free love
I will always love you


Fire by desire


I desire fire of freedom

Of generosity not to be a deemed pardon

I desire fire of existence born

And remove burdens of space to nothingness torn

I desire fire of living a real life

Swiftly moving into by five inclines

I desire fire near being loved

Rather opening my heart to someone’s unlovable else world

I desire fire of kindness

To feel the grace in between cess

I desire fire of sky

To fly higher ever and far the goodbye

I desire fire of split

To remove the behold betrayal never lit

I desire fire to see

And break the border in to claim any fee

I desire fire to embodied

Born again as I please, pleasure and feat.