The Day when I found my wings

I still remember the day when I was lost

I was so sure to never hear my voice

The choices were over and as I could see

It was nothing so it’s better dead to be

So I lay down quietly in my stage

Till I found around a beautiful new page

It drew someone, roughly like a face

Something was there, I was sure

Just doubted my abilities with complete endure

But when he swiftly said hello with a pace

I could now see a touch more than a face

Blinked and blinked to see if it was true

I touched to see if it fades as everything other do

But then I see I am not dreaming anymore

So I moved a step forward and one less one more

The days passed and with each thrive

I could feel enchanting pleasure in my empty life

The house and the nearby beautiful meadows

I could hear him, with every sunshine, flower and shadow

He lives within my thoughts all and for a while

May be I could say someday, you’re the best thing

For all things that made me smiled,

The day when I was lost has gone for now

And I can see myself in each dusk and dawn

Thanks to you for coming around and made me sing

To make a lifeless bird alive and giving back its wings.