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Never love someone so much to give him the power to destroy you. It’s not love, It’s greed. Just another need!

Love is flawless and Unconditional. It’ll never be measured in quantity. Hours, Days, Months doesn’t guarantee the deepness you may feel from inside. Its innocence is as pure of a child laughter and so is the anger just falls on you because his most precious thing is threatened to. It’ll never be need of permissions and acceptance from world. The only acceptance will be of the heart that exactly knows what it wants. Don’t cast the shadows of your own limits and accept the choices you made. It’ll be always your responsibility. There are no Ifs’ or  Buts’of the choices you made. There is no reason enough to justify the situations made by you. The luck will always favors the brave. And If you see the only things you feel from this beautiful emotion is Pain…Walk Away. Be brave enough to walk away from the greed and need which have no wants. Don’t trap yourself in the habit of person where the priorities are different. Always be sure of the position you want yourself to fit in. Of course Live in the moment, There lies the beauty of life But let the moment be for you both ….Equally!! Then it will be Love.

There may be the same people who will try to blame you with the decision they took but honestly honey..It doesn’t work that way. No one will do anything if they wont feel like. We just try to find the convenient way with hurting those who are less required in life and accepting to those who they will need around them so there life will be simpler and easy.

Hiding how you really feel and trying to make everyone happy doesn’t make you nice, it just makes you a liar.
Jenny O’Connell, The Book of Luke

World is definitely beautiful and Life will give you many chances again to live your fairy tales. Its perfectly okay to make mistakes in life. There will be another day, another year, another moment, another person. Until then, Keep living with love and common sense. Whenever you feel something, It’s usually right the first time with your instinct. Don’t be blind enough to give chances to same mistake. It’s a long life to make new mistakes and learn from them.

Have a great day !!!







How do I Start something I am not able to say
How do I find the words that I am not able to write
Why the world seems so broken
Why does the sun shine so dark
I have seen the glittery walks of life
I am targeted and bruised but why left Alive
Millions of pieces in me get back together every time
I never wanted it all or never being judged in misery
Why the future hanging loose in tide
It will never be the problems of people intact
There is always hatred, affairs and jealousy
Why? Why was I the problem inside
I was meant to go far far away
I have been judged, crushed & squished
In the all five senses I can see
As far as the sixth sense go
I am still suffering in misery
There is no shining light to guide
There will be never any justice to serve
There will always be dominant people
Crushing all the dreams coming your way perturbed
They will not stop at this, mindfulness carries in sway
The cries will just get louder, the broken will be never glued away
Stand up, stay high, More pains coming your way
Walk faster, fast slower the yells will follow in peace
The silence cuts the ears while my demons never walked away
There are always choices and yes I agree
Working it out, Sweating it out
I choose to just fade away
Be lost to the darkest of the ocean bed
I finally see the dream which will make it all comes to sense
I just want freedom out of everyone I know
Away and Away here I come
If the spirits could help, I have a favor to ask
Please let me be free, Just a stupid girl Alive
You don’t have to be scared of me
I am not that special one,I know it now and ever
LEAVE ME and don’t follow along
I just want to be away all, nowhere to know
You can go help all those who betrayed me
I wont know a thing, no pain felt inside
Just let me go away from my shadows
I will never get in the face of the wishes you determine
The destiny will always be curtained to mine
I will follow and taste my own dish in fire
No need to be scared of my lovely life
For it is scarred to be always like this deepest in your sight



I am in a tree
I am in a tree
My wings are white
My rainbow like leaves
Break out the shadow
Of this sedentary freeze
I am going to fall in me
I am going to fall in me

Whisper in my eyes
I see that long way from here
I am open but then again so close
Yet what all matters in sake of heart
Stand on peace, love and godlike
I got to choose the bits
That still fit in my wise
Of major and minors plea
I am going to fall in me
I am going to fall in me

Pick up or pack up
There are two, tells the wise
If you got to see a believer
I will take you alongside
My roads are barren
My path is clear
I’ll follow you or if you could steer
Remember the choices
Of dad and mom dear
And make those love moments
Cherished to clear
You’ll always see a rainbow isle then
In any meadow of fear
There is always another truth to see
I am going to fall in me
I am going to fall in me

If there’s a white within me


Beginning to think
If there’s a white within me
Of all the I sew
Those moments that flew
Pictures came to life
When I had a simple sight
Conceptions of these souls
Rotten up to fold
Slaves up
People down
Life is so true
When it does to see
Beginning to think
If there’s a white within me

If I see some clouds
Raining up on the tree
There are some leaves wet
And some waiting to be
If straight that not happens
And you feel the luck
Those heavy choices
Joking it all amok
Of all the choices you dream
It’s what grey tends to be
And I am beginning to think
If there’s a white within me

Might up some causes
That flew from the window
Making a colliding rose
Shattering the shadow
Whiskers up to this nose
If you Point up some lives
If something is tamed
It’s a virtuous on side
But its whole lots of emotions
Running faulty prides
Life is so true
When it does to see
Beginning to think
If there’s a white within me

Of last I have no words
I don’t say I fall
I say I stand tall
But those lonely paths
I stride to survive
May be rhythms are running
Fiercely crying behind
All I am able to sing
Those first words of life
In the world of so black
I see something light
Beginning to see
There is a white within me
There is a white within me

Never to Forgive


Shimmering twinkles in my eyes
The tears of sadness just putrefy
Imagine being alone
Left wandering on the shore
Dimmed of the sun
Shut out the sky
I am seeing the mist
Of the shoes left to die
While walking the path
The trees seems so mad
They almost left me
When I said them to clad
Of the emotions I pour
Of the curtains you praised
I told them I would forgive
The eminences of yesterdays
Of the joy hearing below
The senescence of both ways
My foot steps to follow
My broken heart to try
I have always trust the forgiveness
Better than hope to die
While picking the stones
I never try the gems
Hindered by the tones
There is so much of left
Now even the peace agrees
There is no way to fore try
I sadly leave you
Alike what you deny
Jumping of the shelves
Love to hold some hand
You take the hatred
And I will take the chance
Whisper me a bell
If you see another life
I sure do live another trance
Rather picking stones of cry
What people do
What people did
They get it back
Unfolded for silent gig
Praise the lord
For the thought I had
I may diminish for you
As you for me subtract
Crumbling on the end
Hatred to fumble
I will never forgive
The acts of your blunder
The acts of your blunder

How Strange are these Strangers

How strange are these strangers, walking into our life
Sometimes they tear us apart, sometimes they make us smile.
From being a present to the soul, or sometimes a forgotten past being fooled
True are the facts of this danger, how strange actually are these strangers

First they try to befriends, thoroughly turn us into dark unknown warren end
Very few to discover for a while, too much to trust in diminutive of a mile
Custom being to the closest of person they choose & let to believe never would let us lose,
Still a dice is rolled on red roamers, how strange are actually these lone strangers

So how you decide them enough? Being the stranger to a closest buff

Moving from trusts to train, a medium stands there all like the bait
To lure of the emotions you feel, destroying of the images in mirror you see
We may cross our arms to close the thoughts, to forget of what all have lost
It still eagerly waits for the impact to be major, how strange are actually these strangers

If I am to ask you only one plea I might, what does u seek stranger? Why do you bite?
To welcome you in life is all a mistake, but still to forgive you nothing more at stake
There are chances you’ll have friend, better or worse than more other men,
What you’ll never have is a friend of favor, letting you inside a hearts endeavor

May be I wish you to just endure your life, to choose the right on best of time
If I seek to teach, maybe just a lesson to take up an entire lifetime for speech
So here I choose not to be like the one who will always remain an odder
True are the facts of this danger, how strange actually are these strangers