Last December


Last December
I saw my life
It was blank
It was stood small
There was a knife
Cutting across me
Out of the woods
I was running along
The place to reach wasn’t soon
Nor I saw any smile
Nothing to see as free
Looking at you
Looking at me
I remember
My last December
Getting out of the life
Seeing myself in a disguise
That looked good
Just for a while
Faking a hello
Faking a smile
I kept on hearing my dreams
Walking to the mile
Shining amour you saw
Make me kiss alive
Now the sun shining bright
My window pane seems high
I want to see you
Again and again
Missing my topic
I don’t see any sense
Long day coming along
I want to tell you all about
I remember
My last December
Now I smile
You wake me all the while
I cherish the love
The memories lasting forever
Maybe my walking was a chance
To see you meet me
At the edge of the life
I was drowning
And you picked me fine
I have loved my life
I have lived like soul
I am feeling a human
I want to live in you again
I remember
My last December
But now I want to live
Like a wish never tremble
Like a wish in your eyes
Like a beautiful day
Having a good time


Past the Point


Displacement of this life
Time is running on my mind
Changes in the self
Opportunist misses the flight
My qualifications are all right
But I don’t have a sight
To fight for the evil
To charge at my way
Imagining the courses
Dumpling the trace
To choirs of the wall
In all four direction of the hall
Imagining up the choices
You said it, you did wrong
How dare you could burden
With all those lies
Withholding my destiny
Changing my disguise
I am a person
With thousand colors of life
If I show my wings
You would dare to pass away
They are big, they are bright
They are a messenger of the white
They are pleasure to my suffice
I assure of a golden bow
That I took of a star
I will kill all the sins
And of all your lies
Flutter flutter
Fight for your cause
Be honest, be fit
And hold your head high
And if you can’t
Suppress imagining counting dice
What you did
Is what you will get
You will never get an umbrella
Out of a broken nasty shell
Face it, be brave
And never cheat
Or you will be the only one
Facing the bestow heat.

A Troubled Mind


I have counted fairy tales
I have choked many scales
If you ever gaze around
To hear an unusual sound
Charming are the senses
I fell into prey
Laughing in disguise
My troubled mind says okay

I think and think
And I think again
So I tried calling people
And call my friends to say
I miss us and I need us
For friends to last pace
It’s after all the god’s gift
To an horrible chances of delay
Again laughing in disguise
My troubled mind says okay

When relations are burden
When thoughts fight
When you choose the wrong
But your heart says it right
Whose fault is it?
Who’s to deny
Laughing in disguise
My troubled mind says okay

When on a lonely night
I play with fate and smile
Accompanying me are thoughts for a while
Dancing to my heart tuned
Churned with a child
I celebrate my loneliness
I sing in my sky
To a lone corner
Delighted for a way
Laughing in disguise
My troubled mind says okay

Who’s to blame?
Who’s to question?
I neither need a raw
Neither a knife
Yet I cut
Far as a thousand mile
If I say I joke
You realize a serious smile
And if I say to play
You chase a thousand lies
If you could just try
And read my mind
You be down with tears
You would be slow on fight
But all you need to deceive
Expectations beyond mesmerise
Laughing in disguise
I finally had my say
No matter how it end
My troubled mind always finds it okay

Curses of a Shadow


Dreams to decorate, Chances to fascinate
To emerge from a lonely shore
Broken on your immortal chores
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

You are a disgrace, you happen to be a face
Full of disguises and lies, walking with a tale
Churning time on a hell’s base
You are disappointment, your body despise
Who cares for the truth?
Even you shadow diminished, with every passing of mile
May you suffer to last breath, May you chase for a life
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

If you seek the water, falling on a river side
Your hand is struck, with not a drop to luck
Whatever you wish for, whatever you seek
You many get the differing, following another streak
How you let me feel the pain, with numbness in your gain
As I wish you gratify the same
Not in less
But tripling chances, never to go in vain
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

You cheated, you lied
You killed me, you left me putrefied
I lie around here, still alive
Only to diminish your soul, to curse your life
You may get the same
Whatever you gave, whatever you tamed
If I feel a pinch inside, if I feel any pain
It’s your gift on to game, for a love full of shame
Be down be hate
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

May you discover, the piece of life
And lose it forever, on a chasing wind miles
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow