Just a minute!

There are chances

Then there are people

There you see the memories

But then you meet Love!!


A very Happy New Year….& it continues

May everyone have Days to smile

Moments to have twinkle in the eyes

The life be never in vain

New hopes and opportunities come again

Your wrinkles be less on face

You move in happy steady pace

Have a wonderful life

And may you never deny

We are because of everyone around us

Help those who in need of same

If not we may wish to do

Feel compassion for everyone sleep & Awake

Rise & Shine here the glory comes to us

Smile to dance, no more any worry to blame

To my love

The groom and the bride kiss in mountains against a decline.

The groom and the bride kiss in the valley of love

To the love of my life
I have been so much freeze
I have reckoned numerous times
When I have fallen for you
The beautiful face
It seems such a long time
All you can be
I have faith in us
I have faith in you
I met you, I see you
I have seen the extreme
and I confess
You are the only love of my life
The only one my soul need
Screaming and Shouting
The interval has left such a long time
I need you
I need your company
I want to know your touch
Is it something to ask too much?
I want to taste you
Just the way you taste in my dreams
You are the only good thing to arrive
You are the only bad news to depart
How do I live?
I want to breathe in you
I want to wear you like air
I want to feel you sea
I want to shadow you like clouds
Everywhere you go
Show me your heart
The only thing I seek
My lovely man
Together and Forever
Live in me
let me find you once
Just to love you
Make my desire last
How can you not see
I am frozen to your touch
Walking here, searching for you
The scent you left me
Still haunts me the same
I am running and running
Until I see you again
You are my portion
Being survive again
Expanding my wings
Hasta la Vista
But never going to go
Don’t mind my love
You can never make me hate you
I kiss you, I love you
I miss you, I live in you
I may be angry
I may be insane
That’s only because
I can’t find you in my mane
Come to me
I want to be in you
That’s the only place
For me to be
Hills and ocean
Love and Lust
I just see you and me
Standing forever and just
Standing forever and just

My love


I am soul
I see a way
There is a light
And there is a dark
I keep walking through
Bathed in shimmer
I am glimmer beautiful
My dreams are the colors
My love is the new feel
Shining through the way

Desire and decided
I will walk through the way
Holding hands besides
Shine me afar away
I wait for you
In my heart and me
Someday it’ll be over
When I’ll again see you

Together I see a future
There are miles to pass
Recognizing us be there
Sound my imagination
I feel deprive
My emotions are dead
Touch them with your smile
Kiss me now
And I be alive

Walk with me for you’re
The passion of fire inside me
Show me our love
I want to burn inside
Time is perfect
I surrender to the promises
I feel alive to be yours
Walking through the door
I see the smiling you
Yet you afar
I miss you again
Make me see ourselves
You’re my dignity

The love inside me
The way for my breathe
I have dreamt you
I just want you
The time is ours
The love is free
The freedom I desire
Belong to you
For your hands hold the key
And yours love is all I desire
It’s my dignity


The second time


The second time
Life has offered betrayal
Those shining glitters
The offbeat love songs
Planning of becoming beautiful
The very touches of moments
I smell the upraised
Done very well
Again betrayed
The second time

Fire inside me
The cries of the anger
The hatred isn’t enough
The leave won’t satisfy
I want more than something
The very return to your gift
Outdone the classy self
Beautiful love of destiny
Done very well
Again betrayed
The second time

Wishes are less
I see in the sky
My very moon
Has last somewhere
The replacement is done
I love you left
Leaving my hands
Chosen the better future
Left the darkness in here
I have sent it back
Done very well
Again betrayed
The second time

Here I leave
For all the better things to come
May I try something more
I will walk in carpets of diamonds
Feeling new love
Nothing I forget too old
The second time
I hope to remember for lifetime
Teaching me a lesson
How to survive in demons
Have a happy hell

Done very well
Again betrayed
The second time

Fly Away


I have fair opened my arms

And I am trying to believe

Things that are around me

Am I so selfish?

How come I didn’t see?

How come I didn’t feel?

There are just so many faces

Fallen away in countless complexities

If I could just be an reader

And read someone’s mind

I may found out the reason

Behind a smile or scowl

How someone felt sleeping alone

When he didn’t have the words to say

Someone backing from front

Someone leaving behind

And why did it matter to me?

If there would be a world beyond

And there are thousand places to see

I would pick them one by one

And my heart be glued to infinity

After all emotions that are alive

It’s always going to come back to me

My wishes are numerous

Life is once for all to feel

If I still didn’t have the courage

Never going to blame in on dexterity

There is always another way

Waiting to be revealed

Let my fingers be crossed

Walking on the pillow of my dreams

Sketching in some corner

Play tip toe on a tree

Facing it, it’s my destiny

For I shall love

It’s an integral part of me

Fly fly my love

May you always be care free



I am in a tree
I am in a tree
My wings are white
My rainbow like leaves
Break out the shadow
Of this sedentary freeze
I am going to fall in me
I am going to fall in me

Whisper in my eyes
I see that long way from here
I am open but then again so close
Yet what all matters in sake of heart
Stand on peace, love and godlike
I got to choose the bits
That still fit in my wise
Of major and minors plea
I am going to fall in me
I am going to fall in me

Pick up or pack up
There are two, tells the wise
If you got to see a believer
I will take you alongside
My roads are barren
My path is clear
I’ll follow you or if you could steer
Remember the choices
Of dad and mom dear
And make those love moments
Cherished to clear
You’ll always see a rainbow isle then
In any meadow of fear
There is always another truth to see
I am going to fall in me
I am going to fall in me

Dont hurt- Just love!!!


Feathers to touch
Love to breathe
Kiss to tame
Ruins to dream
If it’s a story I’m writing
Or ending another tale
I keep my finger spanned
For I have seen another maiden desire
Nothing short of the sweet same

The power of touch
Healing in eternal lips
Love is the burning desire
Behind every moment we tip
Swaying in pink
But red lead my core
Clear me, take me,
Wherever you want
These hands are my bonds
For I shall come along

This love is at par
Passionate burning star
For this autumn morning
We wake in arms
For shall thou see
It’s the lone reality realm
If I say something
Or if you trail along
I choose to go senseless
For my senses rest in you
Don’t leave me
Don’t ever make me think you are gone
You are special
My dream come true song

For all tranquil to walk
When our step becomes one
You live, I am alive
You touch, I feel to survive
Listen the winds of twilight to first light
Follow in the arms of romance
I be endlessly yours
And you be forever in this stance
My clouds of love
Touch you in your soul
Be there, be here
For you is my only love
My only reverie of more
My only reverie of more…love you!!!!!

Denied assurance


To purify my heart
To check my soul
I waited long for the path
To be felt assured
If I may fall, I may die
And to get up again
If I may even survive
I searched for a light
Going back and forth
Denying rest in peace
And saving for the rest
I shall believe to roar
Or May be I’m not sure

If to walk around
In misery of jungle to see
Catch double of wishes
Owing its replies in three
May be I don’t even hear
May be even I don’t feel
My heart feels the numbness
And my mind echoes to be free
Thriving to fall down
Just catching my breath
On an offspring tree
May be it was a certain cure
Or maybe I’m not sure

Funny instances of life
I need the most I deny
I assure of things I don’t preach
I love moments difficult to breathe
I owe my life to flings
Rather than choosing worthy strings
Demand and supply may not equalize
Rather sympathizing to options
This includes both the sizes
May be I’m just having desires
But then I am not sure, liar

I see what I get
I truly oppose the word “regret”
I take a stand to choose
My life to live and love
There is nothing to afraid
Nothing hazy to lose
If I have to, I would
Taking a risk and not to bend
My circumstances are internal
My injuries are a disguise
My heart still mends
On the broken chances of life
I cover up most of my lure
Or maybe I’m not still sure

My summer umbrella


Every season I have my hands full of wishes, There are one for the day and one for the year, My colours are always brushed in blue, Though the others are never far from being true, I made my desires for each colour to sew, Into an umbrella made of honey eyed summer dew, Now I have my hands swinging in this lovely season, Not farther is my summer umbrella with a rainy vision

For every grip that holds it tight, A Single drop of rain that makes it light, Surprise for the pink and purple on the right, Dancing on the time of every splash to fight, How to tell about the colors shining through the clouds?, Making a pathway for sun to say it out loud, No matter how you see and envision it on a sea, My sweet summer umbrella is chasing to be free

For once I came out in a hurry around, But my mind knew for what I have overlooked in round, And I am still so busy running in and of life, Surrounded by big starry eyes behind odd smiles, For the first summer lightning I started to hear, The buzz of something important was now much clear, I have left my colors in a stick somewhere being sound, For my beautiful summer umbrella had left the town

Those summers I kept waiting on days and more days to come, There was no sign of those jingling colors of fun, This is when I finally sat down on rear of a lane, The passing shadow turned into a sweet little mane, This is when the lightning approached with a thought, A lovely friend came back to me as a rock, He carried my life full of round choices to see, Seek to gift my joyous bundle of summers, Back from where it was once originated to be

This time I was certain to keep it safe, Enjoy the bliss of umbrella before losing it to some maze, For every other season there was an only wish to buy, Saying my beautiful summer umbrella, a singing hi, For not the only facts of many colors one could see, It brought me back my friend who meant everything to me, So now you know why I like to be in my summer cream, Former keeping the sweet umbrella safe in my dream!