Why are you so weak?


Starting with a blank page
Walking through the lanes
My windows are open
The air dancing is still pale
Barren lands await in every corner
Mistaken identities
Again so guarded
The choices are less
I still have no clue
A friend, A partner of dawn
A simple question to ask
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The miseries of human nature
The acceptance and defaults
Bodies plays a role defying in minutes
Running hot ,Just up and down endlessly
Why its so difficult to figure
The only Yes or No syllables
Knowing people only make it worse
The sides part anyway
Cold bloodied emotions
The tears tear away inside
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The music plays in my hands
My lips shut so tight
There are voices in my head
Why does my heart plays to disguise
Guide the feet to walk away freely
The disappointments walk by side
I wonder still the lies may be twisted
Seeing in eye to eye
Promises of a Never land
The cuts become sharper in pride
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The lame responses to forget
The endless wait of the nights
The hands became numb
The glance of the sky went high
I only see walking away
From the tomorrow you stole away
I am turning the pages
Burning the whole book you lied
The nuisance is frayed
I am going up to the peak
You standing here being a man
But Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

You don’t touch me
The way it is used to be
This don’t happen like this
Holding on isn’t enough
I want to see the plunge
Hanging on the neck
Risk being seen in all my glory
I dream again and again
I reject the acceptance I need from you
I stand for my own self
I project all the stories from inside
I will cherish love and fear but you,
Just so weak
Just so weak



Myself in Deny


There are few instances of me
Imagery shaking off the sea
Whispers of this gentle breeze
Making me go away from me
Apparent reason and lies
I wish I could deny
I feel them in my hands
Taking away one by one
It happens to me twice
When I am free and alive
But how you See?
Isn’t How you always feel
Try me a little
Never hurt anymore
There are moments wrapped
Of the sore choices to frozen
Oh I wish. How I would be?
If I am wrapped in black
Or trident extreme
Make me a major
Point to the sunrise
For my path is full
Of pebbles deep throttling design
Faith is beautiful
It is deep inside
Let me be what I was
wondering how much to forbid
Most important thing to lie
I,Me and myself in deny
I,me and myself in deny



Displacement of this life
Time is running on my mind
Changes in the self
Opportunist misses the flight
My qualifications are all right
But I don’t have a sight
To fight for the evil
To charge at my way
Imagining the courses
Dumpling the trace
To choirs of the wall
In all four direction of the hall
Imagining up the choices
You said it, you did wrong
How dare you could burden
With all those lies
Withholding my destiny
Changing my disguise
I am a person
With thousand colors of life
If I show my wings
You would dare to pass away
They are big, they are bright
They are a messenger of the white
They are pleasure to my suffice
I assure of a golden bow
That I took of a star
I will kill all the sins
And of all your lies
Flutter flutter
Fight for your cause
Be honest, be fit
And hold your head high
And if you can’t
Suppress imagining counting dice
What you did
Is what you will get
You will never get an umbrella
Out of a broken nasty shell
Face it, be brave
And never cheat
Or you will be the only one
Facing the bestow heat.

Being Underwater


Being underwater
Existence in the frost
Is what I do seek
Being totally lost
Swinging and swaying
In the complexities of blue
Going dusky, going beneath
Visioning the hue
I have entered the warren
All in black and white
Trying to find my way
Trying to find a kite
This can glide as high
As my mind can seek
And turn into a scent
Which is not much present
Pretentious choices of love
Finally melting into muse
I feel so lifeless
But I feel so true
If I could ever be alive
If I just feel in the view
My masking pinch me hard
My drafting is alright
To just ever let go
The moments those denied
This city finally wakes up
On the wave of my love life
Sipping the melody
Painting gold and blue
And don’t you still see
How much it means to me
If you happen to play
Let it be my favourite sport
For I have hidden
Secrets in the love always aborts
When you get your hands up
You can feel the only breakthrough
And when you let it go
It will come right back to you
Opening my heart in depths of this view
I finally let it go
To see this one turning golden blue


Choices that come once in life
Those are needy, greedy and other wise

The life that seems to be super amazed
Are indeed the one lost forever in chase

Often the part more seldom you choose
The more tricky choices try to make it rule

I wondered where the darkness descends
Or it’s just the mirror dazzling at the end

Purposeful, prime maybe delicate last to see
The fastest bunch of choices via life on me

People will make you believe of what’s right
Of thousands choices forever vexing to be bright

They try to make you what seems right to see
And how important they meant in your life to be

But it’s the choice that matters at last
Not how they say but how you pick them fast

You don’t need them unless you just feel
The greatest part of life is always alone on thee

Sweetest fruits of choices are imminent to see
If you do love every choice of life in trying to be

Choices that come once in life
Those are needy, greedy and other wise