Why it happens to us?


Let me start a line
I see a cover story
Affair-es with myself
Its too easy to realize
Image are shallow
Voice are deaf
No one can see
Are you the same person
A little better than be
Think so again
Something shatters you at all?
When you cheat them again
When you broke once again
If the soul amputated yet?
or Still having a cover image
A well planned plot
We are honest!
Don’t know why it happens to us

Whereabouts of a deeper phase
A simple understatement
The roofs are high
There may be darkness in stairs
But why scared to walk
Why scared to kneel
Its more dignified than giving away
Some people will never stop
The candles hardly burns away
But when it does, it cries
Awaking the last tries
Walking with some scars
And the doer justifies
We are honest!
Don’t know why it happens to us

The love binds people together
They see dusk and dawn in the eyes
We say things that hardly want to see
We see things, We hardly can repeat
We find things which are yearning to forget
We forget things which screaming to be notice
So life gets in the way
Being alive pays in numbers
The vowels be so silent
Your heart knows all the answers
Do you still think?
Are we honest?
Don’t know why it happens to us
Yeah why is that?
Yeah why is that?
Fighting is the answer
Words can cut more than sword
Maybe that’s why heart is broken
and soul is ashamed
You have cheated it again
Your eyes know the truth
Let you see the God in eyes
Everything will be clear
Fair enough to ask
You will know why it happens to us


Past the Point


Displacement of this life
Time is running on my mind
Changes in the self
Opportunist misses the flight
My qualifications are all right
But I don’t have a sight
To fight for the evil
To charge at my way
Imagining the courses
Dumpling the trace
To choirs of the wall
In all four direction of the hall
Imagining up the choices
You said it, you did wrong
How dare you could burden
With all those lies
Withholding my destiny
Changing my disguise
I am a person
With thousand colors of life
If I show my wings
You would dare to pass away
They are big, they are bright
They are a messenger of the white
They are pleasure to my suffice
I assure of a golden bow
That I took of a star
I will kill all the sins
And of all your lies
Flutter flutter
Fight for your cause
Be honest, be fit
And hold your head high
And if you can’t
Suppress imagining counting dice
What you did
Is what you will get
You will never get an umbrella
Out of a broken nasty shell
Face it, be brave
And never cheat
Or you will be the only one
Facing the bestow heat.

Relationships are not healthy anymore


Once upon a time, there lived a king and queen. With a magical bliss a daughter was born. Laughter and joy was all around, the kingdom rejoiced and there was happiness all around.  Life was virtuous and they lived happily ever after. Sounds true? Well, not so anymore. Our relationships have got much more complicated then wishing to live like a king or a queen. For to be simply put our relations are not so healthy anymore.  One of the basic reasons of this would be unfaithfulness or dishonesty among us and just believing that a little fun won’t hurt.  Sometimes people would just cheat for the sake of pleasure or sometimes they are just not brave enough to tell the other person what their relationship lacks and when the cheating happens fairly near of in the future guilt stays. It stays like an unwanted guest in our home. You want to move him out but you can’t for the courtesy sake.  It does stays in your thoughts, even if you try to move out yourself. It’s actually easy to make or start relation but work it out is a demanding task. . Buying comes about one time; maintenance is set all through life.  Just like a new shiny toy for a kid. He gets all happy at first, use it for some time and when he sees another toy there is an absolute attraction for it. He is still is loyal to his old one, plays it for some time but the new one as his favourite and one day he replaces it all but with scars and marks of being used are left for his life. As so far relationships are concerned, everything is too many whiles treated the same.

Everyone should understand life is for having fun, living it at fullest and delight but also for making a difference. You can have fun in life but making fun of someone else life isn’t an icing on your cake.  Mind’s your own business and be brave to whatever you shall face. Rather than cheating work out your problems or just move on. Or in case you don’t like to consider these options just move around, have a place change, give yourself the time to find what you actually seek. Much time I think Relations are like pure gems in jewellery. Taking away can leave empty places to fill which could be fulfilled again but of it would require gems of same size and shape and trust me not everyone is lucky.

Life happens once and so does loyalty in a relation so why not treasure it while you still can. It’s too short to be mad at each other and move away. The beauty and reverence of relation are when they are together and not apart but only if you want to sustain it from eyes to heart and not as a deal of business with counting profits and losses every day.

Have a good day!