There are many faces of us to see
Some are beautiful and some ugly to be
Chances uphold for you to meet
One in all different aspects of me

I choose the golden one for the day, where I meet people who seem okay. They try to be my friends of all ships of tree; virtually everything is sweet as meant to be. But the moment occurs behind my back, I see the illusion of each their prank. Back biting isn’t the only thing I fear to see, as one in all different aspects of me.

Next to choose the blue one for the dusk, all together hiding of day and night ends up in musk. We travel with thousand faces to churn, like a candle accompanied by loneliness to burn. I try to meet some stranger of my life, turning the pages silently into the fight. Still I haven’t saw the face I am looking far right, may be the masquerades exists in place of sight.

Last I choose for purple to fix with my beautiful red lips. There are dreams of passion, of music and of life, I may dance for a while or look at the mirror in side. My masquerades too are pretty heavy on kind; I fought with them all through the night. I try to be alone without their kite but the strings are pretty neat to be tight. I have held my wishes of broken lies, no more faces of ugly and bright. I just want to be in love for one only mighty be, like pinching rest different aspects of me.

Purple pink blue yellow to won
My eyes are looking for a new dawn
These masquerades are pretty tight
Choosing beneath of darkness and light
There are many faces of us to see
Some are beautiful and some ugly to be


Doubtful juggler



From pleasure I seek

Or search to find

There is a narrow hell

Another brilliant mind

The curls are crazy

Straight difficult to wind

Hope’s the only candle

Always burnt alive

Needled hairs and threads

Spindled into thrive

Measuring the immeasurable

Surface up the time

Heal me to the way

Where I find the shallow line

Spread my wings

And I shall do some crime

If it’s to set me free

I might follow to tide my stream

To never see the life seek

Was something I used to peak