I am buying
I am laughing
I am seeing
And Yes I am crying
You sound so true
Yet you fail to Impress me
You say you love me
But you make me fall
You try to reach my hand
Yet you are the one to slip around
What is my fault?
Why am I punished?
All I wanted is to be yours
I just wanted to be true
Everyone’s chasing a show
I am no different
I am just trying to steal
My own freedom
My own thoughts
I sleep on stars
Maybe they are mine
May be they will remember
How am I?
Who they are?
Treating the scars
Invaded along the line
I am being gentle
I am being blind
I see just the love
Not its not mine
I lose a lot
I fear afar
I walk in darkness
I see no respect
I don’t know how
But I can’t just stop the feeling
I just can’t
I am being punished
I feel alive
Just while loving you
No complains, nor I demand
If you could understand
Touch me, Feel me,
I am still alive
Breathing here
All I wanted is to be yours
I just wanted to be true


Till I see you again


In some distances
I feel some sights
There are distorted images
Maybe something alive
Lying hidden beneath the ground
Taking care of the air we breathe
Riding along the waters
Can you hear my heart?
I maybe still in deprive
Together we walked
Few miles apart
But imagining by my side
Left everything else like a dart
Broken and vanishing
Till the day I will let you go
Cry along
There is smile in deny
Judge the strangeness
I can still shine with peace
My strength is a fight
I have to take it all above
Lying on the surface
I float creating fire
Everywhere around me
The time is so slow
The mirror pieces picking in me
Deny and walk out
I promise it wont blame
Till the day i’ll let you go
Never goodbye
I hope to see you again
If the time is so right
Maybe you visioned it again
Maybe it will find enough room
To fit in all the broken senses
Funny how
The world functions both way
It may see the worst
Still say the best of laughs
When you turn around
You’ll see lot of clowns
Drifting apart in back
Maybe a distance further
See a human enough
Because we hold the key
To see love of our lives
And i am letting you go
Burning inside
There is belief
Things i didn’t say
But hear me say this
Of all the moments i survived
You were always worth my time



Learnt in my life

Things I need to survive

Isn’t just a breath taking away

Isn’t just love making me sway

I need to just carry on

I need to just carry on

I may be tired

I may be wrecked

I may deny

But never living a lie

I can’t skip freedom

I can’t be left to die

I have made those choices

For what I am alive

I have a fire

And I am still trying

They say to its easy to leave me behind

Don’t lie, don’t have a delusion

I’ll see, how will you let me go

I need to just carry on

I need to just carry on

There are moments when I may see

Someone chosen over me

Some more enlightened than me

But I close my palms

My head up high

I aim for the love

I shoot in the sky

It may torn me away

But never left undesired

I can never stop loving me

I can never stop trying me

I am a soul, I am a life

I need to just carry on

I need to just carry on

Look inside my heart

There is cherished dream

There are moments of truth

Waiting to dance freely

While you can figure out

You may not even see

There is a fire in me

And it’s victory

You can never break me

I am alive as I am me

I am just free in my own solidarity

I need to just carry on

I need to just carry on

Towards a fall

On the highest rise

I see the colours of moon

I see sun shining too upbeat

Stay if you like

If u won’t, I won’t deny

I am salvated

I am immortal

As I can in my will

I always know my turns

I know my game, i am a star

Don’t bother me

Or you won’t feel a thing

U dare mess me

And it will be fatal any way

I am love, I am life

There is no dead desire

There’s a fire within me

I choose to stay alive

And here’s my victory

All I can do is being me

And I will set it right

I need to just carry on

I need to just carry on

Denied assurance

To purify my heart
To check my soul
I waited long for the path
To be felt assured
If I may fall, I may die
And to get up again
If I may even survive
I searched for a light
Going back and forth
Denying rest in peace
And saving for the rest
I shall believe to roar
Or May be I’m not sure

If to walk around
In misery of jungle to see
Catch double of wishes
Owing its replies in three
May be I don’t even hear
May be even I don’t feel
My heart feels the numbness
And my mind echoes to be free
Thriving to fall down
Just catching my breath
On an offspring tree
May be it was a certain cure
Or maybe I’m not sure

Funny instances of life
I need the most I deny
I assure of things I don’t preach
I love moments difficult to breathe
I owe my life to flings
Rather than choosing worthy strings
Demand and supply may not equalize
Rather sympathizing to options
This includes both the sizes
May be I’m just having desires
But then I am not sure, liar

I see what I get
I truly oppose the word “regret”
I take a stand to choose
My life to live and love
There is nothing to afraid
Nothing hazy to lose
If I have to, I would
Taking a risk and not to bend
My circumstances are internal
My injuries are a disguise
My heart still mends
On the broken chances of life
I cover up most of my lure
Or maybe I’m not still sure