Why it is never enough?
Why love isn’t the only solution?
Why I miss what I have lost?
Why do I care for not mine?
Why I wish to live it again?
Why I wish to die more than once?
Why is there silence when lips meet?
Why I have no words to pray?
Why I can’t count my blessings?
Why I can’t see my sins?
Why there is no assurance?
Why still I’m expected to be?
Why I need to be present?
Why none notice my absence?
Why I can’t hear any music?
Why I can’t dance when I want?
Why my toes aren’t numb for a reason?
Why my nights are white?
Why my days are greys?
Why I see you in dreams?
Why my world is still so empty?
Why the world seems high?
Why I still want to lie?
Why I have still faith in you?
Why still I don’t have anything to say?
Why I still want to wait for you?
Why the reasons are never wrong?
Why the solutions are always fade?
Why you are drifting away?
What I don’t see the pain?
Why I want to lose away?
Why you the only thing I care?
Why say why?
Why I say to ask?
Why I want to Erie?
When I don’t know any why?
Why begin?
Why end?
Why write?
Why not write?
Why love?
Why hate?
Why the why?
Why is there a why still?


Denied assurance


To purify my heart
To check my soul
I waited long for the path
To be felt assured
If I may fall, I may die
And to get up again
If I may even survive
I searched for a light
Going back and forth
Denying rest in peace
And saving for the rest
I shall believe to roar
Or May be I’m not sure

If to walk around
In misery of jungle to see
Catch double of wishes
Owing its replies in three
May be I don’t even hear
May be even I don’t feel
My heart feels the numbness
And my mind echoes to be free
Thriving to fall down
Just catching my breath
On an offspring tree
May be it was a certain cure
Or maybe I’m not sure

Funny instances of life
I need the most I deny
I assure of things I don’t preach
I love moments difficult to breathe
I owe my life to flings
Rather than choosing worthy strings
Demand and supply may not equalize
Rather sympathizing to options
This includes both the sizes
May be I’m just having desires
But then I am not sure, liar

I see what I get
I truly oppose the word “regret”
I take a stand to choose
My life to live and love
There is nothing to afraid
Nothing hazy to lose
If I have to, I would
Taking a risk and not to bend
My circumstances are internal
My injuries are a disguise
My heart still mends
On the broken chances of life
I cover up most of my lure
Or maybe I’m not still sure