Keep guessing



For once upon an hour

Could be a minute or a bar

I could use an excuse

To make my anger infuse

I could use my life

To define hell trapped inside

­as making my dream sweeter

There are no recent updates of tweeter

May be there is a shortcut around

For life self-sack profound

I could better use a trap

To maze my interruptions in wrap

For there is no life outside

It’s neither in east, nor at Westside

I tried to eat it like a cake

But the knife never made its break

My only hope was a pen

A plan of hidden moments den

As long as I could pretend

The mystery of stares did never end

There are alphabets and letters

And many notes to perform

I could sing and dance

Write to use a line, have a chance

For the matter if I could ever hale

How much or less they wanted to sale

To the farther of east or the south

My mind is related well to the mouth

The notes would never do it as crawl

How much or less I wanted to all.