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I am neither poet nor any writer. I am not even sure about how much somebody will find it interesting to read. I just someway know to write what I feel and that’s what this blog is about. Man is a social animal so socializing is good I guess just the medium chosen can be different. This blog is about my experiences in life and the inspirations I received from it. It is said life always gives something in return to whatsoever done by our self. That’s the beauty of nature, it always balances everything. Nothing in the world can be far fair that much.

This blog has some my poems that was made at some particular phase of everyday life, it has one liners too that I have learned while walking in the sand of a day which quietly slips from hand, some fictional stories that I have created while being a dreamer and some of the inspirations that I have seen in others stories as well. Life’s too short to learn and when the teacher is whole wide world, the learning becomes more interesting than a journey of a life time.  I believe everyone in this world teaches us something, even your enemies. So be a judge, a scientist, a believer and enjoy these wonderful wings that words have ever given us. I shall hope your journey is as interesting as mine and you get your pair of wings. ENJOY READING!!


24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there, you said that you don´t know if you´re a poet….well that makes us two. What I do know from one post I have read is that you express your feelings on paper very good with very beautiful and captivating words, so is that a poet or not I don´t know but it´s nice to read. (You´re a very good poet-writer) And glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog.
    So if you don´t mind I´ll stick around and explore the blog more in depth in the future, I´ll be doing what I have coined( I´m very proud of this phrase of mine) “My cool stalker moves” .

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. Pleasure is all mine, I be glad to write words people can easily understand and even relate to finding some same emotions. keep visiting!
      Looking forward for more interactions :-)

    • thanks for reading! I agree what you mentioned but still as we don’t forget to breathe even midst of heavy stressing schedules and busy life, we too shall find our time to do the good things we like. enjoy reading and god bless!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking the post, thus giving me a chance to find your page. Maybe you aren’t a writer or a poet, as I feel for myself, but the words I have read thus far leave me with the desire to read more. I hope you find other of my words worth the time to read.

    • feels nice to see you liked my posts worth to read. Its my pleasure. I am looking forward to read more of your posts as well.
      Take care!! God Bless

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