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Here’s to praying

Everyone be healed

Here’s to love

Everyone be looked

Here’s to chance

Everyone be survived

Here’s to a future

Everyone be alive

Here’s to the days

Everyone see the sun

Here’s to night

Everyone sleep in tight

Here’s to people

Everyone have a hand to hold

Here’s to world

Everything be just alright

May Almighty gives us peace

Keep us calm within

May our judgment be bright

This life is to be treasure not shunned

Enjoy with responsibility

There wouldn’t be chances forever

Have faith in him

He is holding on us just right

Finding again


Calmed down in its way

I walk in the multiplicity

Amazing shores washed me out

I still managed to flee away

Tremendous people

Shining afar

I only get the see

My misery and pain

Why is there so hatred

Why this choice to be

I entered my zone of peace

Let me be, please

I don’t want your praises

I don’t want you to see me

Let me just go towards

Where my inner sects command me

It’s not every day that I write

Many times I though feel

If I’m just enough

Or need more life in me

Wake up wake up

This oath has to be taken

Open your arms high

A new morning is here to stay

I wish for the new sky

A new flower to bloom

Let me smile endlessly

Let my summer remain

Let my summer remain


Our Teachers made us what we are today. With deep gratitude and love we offer our respects and greet them and all of you on this special day. "Happy Teachers Day" from all of us at Gemstoneuniverse

In another time of this year, some things may make sense and some never will. There will always be people who are going to fill your life with colors & dreams and many more who will always disappoint you. This is not just about destiny or chance or even time. Time will always try to warn you about its yin or yang, the good or the bad but it’s up to us we dare to accept it. I’ll say accept it because it’s not easy to receive and process the information when we just want to make us right. We are in so much love and attached from them, many times accepting the fact won’t b easy even when we see. Other times we are just so used to that routine of being in with few people, we may not want to disturb the fact they are betraying on us. Well, acceptance is difficult but more soothing. Refusal is easy but disturbing. Even with the courage, we may accept the fact of betrayal, okay this is happening to us, the relying causes either come on how we are less appealing than others or we just need to get ourselves on the journey of devil cause we are so naive. That’s a crazy one. If someone did bail on us, it says about the character of the other person is born with and why is that something is wrong with how we appeal to the world. If someone has to do it, even an accumulated satisfaction & beauty of the whole world in one won’t make the individual stop to do the same and if he or she won’t then they would think us no less than perfect in our worst state of mind. The people are programmed to only accept the best they can think off and then let you down so you stay one step behind because they can’t accept the fact you’re simply better. Not because you may be beautiful, charming or wealthier but because you have a soul of being human, a great example for mankind. Well, all I could recommend for today is…Accept yourself, be with someone you can love at the worst and first of all be in love with yourself. You’re a gem of your own and this company will be with you until you die. It’s all you, It belongs to you. Never give yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve your loyalty. Always remember this body & soul is your place of worship before going to someplace else. The supreme lord will always exist inside.
Have a nice evening :)

A very Happy New Year….& it continues

May everyone have Days to smile

Moments to have twinkle in the eyes

The life be never in vain

New hopes and opportunities come again

Your wrinkles be less on face

You move in happy steady pace

Have a wonderful life

And may you never deny

We are because of everyone around us

Help those who in need of same

If not we may wish to do

Feel compassion for everyone sleep & Awake

Rise & Shine here the glory comes to us

Smile to dance, no more any worry to blame

The morning post!


I have found in me

Little piece called heaven

There are tremendous possibilities 

The chances are rare

It’s rare to miss a life

Walking and looking down

The mystery is being myself

The only one yet to be

Morning posts are special

They are straight from the heart

The world is yet to make it

Still far from manipulation 

Very close to my heart

I hear the music

I can’t say that aloud

People are deaf

When it comes to their soul

They don’t listen but deny

The wrong is still wrong

And the right is always bright

Killing doesn’t merely means a body 

Betrayal kills twice 

The body is living 

But heart and soul is buried alive

So promise very morning

There will be days

No chains of etiquettes 

No place to just because to be

Opening arms around

Only simple smiles

Emotions that may be wild

The only gratitude follows

It’s my piece of heaven

It’s my peace of mind….Good Morning 

Half of the World!!


Half of me I see
Half of the world is yet to be
Maybe the wind
Maybe some air
There are chances
A much more clearer heart within
Some loosen grips of us
Some more bonds tied of love
All within a case
All in again within the same face
When eyes talk, I begin
When my mouth speaks,I shut
Again my ears hears something
My mind wanders to be
Half of me be there
Half of me still remains
Where will my whole life be?
When will there be true me?
Apart from being broken
Apart from standing again
The secret of life remains
When hands make us stand
The feels hold us tight
We walk towards the path
Which was never in sight
The flowers light the way
And there are reasons to see
Half the eyes are wide awake
Half has faith in its mind
Above all
The love makes it right

Inspite of Everything

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Aware Arise inside
A walk by in the life
Memories aren’t pleasant
People aren’t worth my life
When I am happy
The frown is welcomed
When I am sad
My cries are celebrated
There is no rescue
No shelter to run and hide
Still I be strong
No reasons justified
My body scream high
My voice breaks in pain
Still I should smile
I am a girl again
I should be able to know
I should understand
Everyone has reason for miseries
Mine is just an understatement
There will never be any help
If I would let them rule
Think about what others think
See what others want me to do
None there to see I cried
No shoulder to bend my pain
The gist is the same
People will celebrate when you cry
They will let your worth seem none
Only way to set yourself free
Breaking the lying bondage
The dirty chains are not meant to be
Live the life of the moment
Enjoy no matter what
Please do yourself the favor
You don’t need them
Be compassionate to your feelings
They tell you the truth
Endure your heart
It wants to make you feel fine
Not just once in a blue moon
But forever, You’re his prince & princess
Dream bigger, Live happy
Treasure the laughs
Forget what isn’t meant to be
Stop trying for people who should never be
You deserve better, You deserve a life
Don’t give up on yourself
Don’t bother so much inside
What is meant to happen will do
The life will be as beautiful as you

a Play in Time

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Be ready for a show
Be ready for shine
I am suppose to say few words
I am holding above the lines
The play is copyrighted
So is the Life
Not a word by own
Not a say in time
Everything is written
None directed by me
I am just an beautiful actress
Working the day off
Working the day off

Time is a melody
I have rehearsed it so many time
But destiny have other words
It change very time
I am out for play
I am out for cry
I say to the wind
Take me with you
When you fly away
But the ropes are tight
& there is lot to act
Working my day off
Listening my heart by

Colour me true
I am swirling in the feelings
There is love to try by
No sky is the limit to my show
I play the way angels come down
They ought to be true
I excel without fiasco
There is tremendous emotions
All caught between my feet
There is gravity pulling down
I ought to fight
I am not there to please
Just another day by

Nothing is cruel
Nothing to complain for
I am crazy to see life
People see just a responsibility
Truly yours is being senseless
I cant deny either
Still saying you belong to me
Still caring you belong to me
Just want to hold you forever
Thats for a lifetime
Closing my eyes for a while
Here I am again on stage
Just a dream in between
Working my day off
Kissing another goodbye