I am falling into Memories


I am falling into memories
I can catch them in a mile
All due to the sunrise
Cherishing remembrances for a while
Hasty hasty weather
Shining on the smile
Out the rays you know
The sun came out for a while
Opening its arms
Welcoming to my door
Some memories of yesterday
Some just begin to develop more

Choose to be yesterday
Or just be another way
I am happy to obliged
And delighted to see
The pictures of being us
The memories of past wee
Purposeful life to live
Love is on the rise
Truly preaching a soul
I am falling into memories
I can catch them in a mile
Some memories of yesterday
Some just begin to develop more

Make me say a yes
Make me try you fair
I won’t go away I swear
I won’t take some soar
I just want to feel the spark
Like the past memories ¬face
When my eyes was the only world
You tend to lost complained
And the feel like the first time
To meet and regret
Why is the time so fast?
Why are us being maze?
This memory of you and me
If to lose forever in chasing shore
Some memories of yesterday
Some just begin to develop more

I am falling into memories
I can catch them in a mile
All due to the sunrise
Cherishing remembrances for a while


Conscience says where Conscience stays


From people to pass
From mornings to wake
My conscience is clear
Myself pretty much awake
Or If I trusted on a thread
Made of truth and betrayal
I landed on my axle
Twice making the same mistake
Apparently there are no reasons
There is nothing to be justified
I sleep with my conscience
Pretty every night to be awake
If there is any path to choose
I had took the twisted turn
and to hold myself in the arms
Of loyalty, hypocrisy and learn
People turn into bad
They let you see every fear
Of all mistakes seen
The smallest make you shy
the one that make us lean
I may throw a random tantrum
To let me heard and to be seen
For its far time passed by
Letting me die invisibly
I have tried holding the grudges
Of the superficial time
It tried to tick me
Whenever there is a new passer by
Punching in the air
Won’t help it go away
The truth is to be confronted
For the revenge I hereby seek
Collateral damages are necessary
If you try to judge my inner tree
Its branches are falling out
Its life seems dull on a sea
Still I stand on my foot to feel
My roots are stronger than you’ll ever see
With every belief I chart
My conscience is clear
Myself to be
My target sails on a line
Or if I call on you
And you seem to see
There are times when I try to be dead
Then my conscience never let me.



Times to end
Times to fly
Time may be the clue
To the things that are due

Fifty things, one second
Solitary life, two to survive
Many gambles on door
One opportunity to adore
Or if a wing passes by
Heard my cries out of blue
One two three ticks to go
Times to end
Times to fly
Time may be the clue
To the things that are due

Second life on run
Revenge on knife
Aspiration of blocks
Guarantee sucks it up
Falling from the sky
Lands up on the rock
One past to try
Entirely lost to being
Times to end
Times to fly
Time may be the clue
To the things that are due

If to get something back
I take a turn on tick
One two three to go
Being to be the lissom wick
To stop everything on time
I need numbers from one to nine
& to have a chance being mine
I need another life in line
But when I ran to see
My dream tends to tell me
Times to end
Times to fly
Time may be the clue
To the things that are due

If there is one more sec
I may stand on my feet
To make every wrong count
And to correct every bit
If I may I, would try to perceive
Getting to home was never easy
But I live it up and choose to lit
How much pieces left now fit

Times to end
Times to fly
Time may be the clue
To the things that are due

Falling for you

Three cheers to my life
Disappointment lies in disguise
I may matter to the whole world
But all that matters to me
Is in the terms when I connect with you
Chances are that I may end up
Falling for you

True symphonies are made on love
When I see you, I see none above
Here I’m taking a stand
Working openly on a humble chance
Surprise as lame it seems
It’s my calling to have a breakthrough
Chances are that I may end up
Falling for you

After some people deceived me
And told me lies beneath the sea
I ended up falling on the shore
Relentlessly swaying to the waves
Here when you hold my hands
And then I began to see
I am alive as I ought to realize
The chances were so bright then
That I ended up falling on thee

No more disappointments to decline me
I worship my love for entirety
You’re the one who holds my heart
And the charm that never deceived me
Of the very thinking of you sparked
Like a concealed part in my life to see
There I finally standing in front of few
To being ended up falling for you

Even if I fail now to be back
I just want you to know
I will try my best to tell
& Let the whole world know
You matter to me and will be
My heart connects with you
No chances to count
I am in love with you
If you wish to love me back
I am standing in front door of the blue

Forgetful past


Past is what we chose, present is what we choose and our future inevitably gets chosen.

Today I am going to write about an essential aspect of our lives- our past. A past we know, sometimes we treasure, sometimes we feel sad about and sometimes we regret. Everyone had a past which had an impact on the future we live today. This past changes us, sometimes for the bad, sometimes for the good. So how to describe this past? Eventful or regretful? Is it necessary for us to be worse version for ourselves because of the past? Well many times it could hamper to the extent that we lose our original selves in the heat of hatred, jealousy and betrayal. But what can we do? After all it’s a part of our human emotions to react like this. That’s what emotions are for.

Many times I just wish to go back and take some correct decisions in my past. I would do everything I hoped, I could have done and step away from people I desire now, just would have deleted by then. Several a times I just wish for the small button to be in my hand and rewind for to be a better me than I am today. But would that solve everything? Or even it would solve anything at all? Even if I could, is this the solution to all my problems and circumstances that are bothering me now? There are many movies made on these thoughts of hoping to be older or younger, go back in time and live the life but to see that the conditions aren’t actually the same. It is worse than the expected. So maybe it’s like that way only. What you thought to be true may just be an illusion of your dreamy brains.

Currently I learnt something which very much answers that why I want to correct my past and why I shouldn’t be getting the rewind button in my life. Life always gives opportunities. It always does and it will keep on doing that until you’re pretty much alive. I think that decisions that I took, may be not very well correct and that I should correct it but who made me think realized it? Who made me think that better decisions are needed? Who? Answer is experience and it comes from experiencing the past. If you don’t have it, you can never differentiate between a wrong and a right one and until you know, you will never care about wrong and right. So past gives you a wonderful gift- experience. The more experienced you are, the less likely you are going to commit the same mistake unless its love-that anyway makes people go crazy and make mistakes. As in the words of Paulo coelho

“People never learn from anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves. So that’s what experiences do and experience counts. “

Another reason would be as a person, even if I try to go back or forward I still am the same person. So even with the fact to know the past or future I may not change everything because if I could, I would have changed now in my present and no need for thinking to travel in the past and wish for the miracle. To have a miracle, I have to be the miracle. I heard it somewhere and perfectly fits up here. If I lost many things to the fact trusting people blindly, so even if I get in my past either I would trust them again & again to feel betrayed or I many not trust people at all and lose so beautiful relationships in my life. Many times what we try to change like our mistakes, that had only made people closer to us, respects to us and felt important to us and if this changes, that would change too. Anyway no one wants to die being alone. Our life is what we make of it and people are what we see in them. So rather hoping to change the past, we should change our present and live future brilliantly.

Various times our past comes in front of us. Ever wondered why? When I thought, something came into my mind. May be the past coming back is a signal, either to take an opportunity you lost because it belongs to you or may be to completely erase it from your mind. It may come for better or worse but one thing is for sure, people change from it. People many change their habits but they sure don’t change their characters. So choose wisely if to let your past enter in your life or not. My change led me to be a better person and I endure it. Now if I think, about my wish to learn the dance when I was little now is the time to acquire it. May be the bones would be a little stiff but still it is better than a stiff journey and will only make an enjoyable to travel. May be that’s the reason if you believe in reincarnation, we don’t remember our past lives because god wants us to look forwards and fresh in a better way. Past can only be knowledgeable for a lesson and never worshiped. To end with the words of Jane Austen

“You must learn some of my philosophy. Think of the past as the remembrance that gives you pleasure”