Why are you so weak?


Starting with a blank page
Walking through the lanes
My windows are open
The air dancing is still pale
Barren lands await in every corner
Mistaken identities
Again so guarded
The choices are less
I still have no clue
A friend, A partner of dawn
A simple question to ask
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The miseries of human nature
The acceptance and defaults
Bodies plays a role defying in minutes
Running hot ,Just up and down endlessly
Why its so difficult to figure
The only Yes or No syllables
Knowing people only make it worse
The sides part anyway
Cold bloodied emotions
The tears tear away inside
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The music plays in my hands
My lips shut so tight
There are voices in my head
Why does my heart plays to disguise
Guide the feet to walk away freely
The disappointments walk by side
I wonder still the lies may be twisted
Seeing in eye to eye
Promises of a Never land
The cuts become sharper in pride
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The lame responses to forget
The endless wait of the nights
The hands became numb
The glance of the sky went high
I only see walking away
From the tomorrow you stole away
I am turning the pages
Burning the whole book you lied
The nuisance is frayed
I am going up to the peak
You standing here being a man
But Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

You don’t touch me
The way it is used to be
This don’t happen like this
Holding on isn’t enough
I want to see the plunge
Hanging on the neck
Risk being seen in all my glory
I dream again and again
I reject the acceptance I need from you
I stand for my own self
I project all the stories from inside
I will cherish love and fear but you,
Just so weak
Just so weak


Being Useless


I prefer being useless
I demand explanation
I am traveling far
I am skipping this situation
I fight with stones
The mountain turns deep
I have often felt
A lonely shallow creeps
Walking a while
I built a trend of vicious sand
The wind doesn’t whisper
The trees don’t laugh
Am i still the one
Speaking enough
Or just being useless helps
Whatever is the case
People save their face
The awkwardness of lies
The eyes that makes it Justify
The arms makes promises to keep
The hands walk miles away in sleep
The comfort of skin turn pale
Whenever I hear your name
The faking togetherness
Immersed in the sea of tears
I am a pelting stone
Shining in the same sand
Which every night
Slowly, Takes my dream away
Slowly, Takes my dream away
I still walk, why?
I have still moments to see
I should live life as should a girl
A doll less bitter, much better
My eyes see everything
The insults aren’t new to our kind
Definitely not worth the hype
Moments taken to write
What I have done so far?
Why is justice never served?
Another melodrama
From my chapter of life
None to be bothered
None to feel
My heart longs for the melody
Coming true someway
Walking towards me
The snow in my hands
Feels so soft
The coldness shiver inside
I am still dancing the same
I am not complaining
I would never guess
Being useless usually helps




I am buying
I am laughing
I am seeing
And Yes I am crying
You sound so true
Yet you fail to Impress me
You say you love me
But you make me fall
You try to reach my hand
Yet you are the one to slip around
What is my fault?
Why am I punished?
All I wanted is to be yours
I just wanted to be true
Everyone’s chasing a show
I am no different
I am just trying to steal
My own freedom
My own thoughts
I sleep on stars
Maybe they are mine
May be they will remember
How am I?
Who they are?
Treating the scars
Invaded along the line
I am being gentle
I am being blind
I see just the love
Not its not mine
I lose a lot
I fear afar
I walk in darkness
I see no respect
I don’t know how
But I can’t just stop the feeling
I just can’t
I am being punished
I feel alive
Just while loving you
No complains, nor I demand
If you could understand
Touch me, Feel me,
I am still alive
Breathing here
All I wanted is to be yours
I just wanted to be true

Scared of Love


I am scared
Of the thing called love
This is so scary
This is so miserable
I am usually never right
I am Usually never scared
I take the right turns
On every other wrong
I have been complemented enough
I have taken the betrayal much
Of all the places
Love- you will never want to be
It’s scary
It makes you miserable
It will take the life out of you
It brings the hell within
The shell will surround you blue
It’s will break you into thousand
The dreams become shallow
The heart becomes a man eater
Follow you through all the pieces
So you many never make it alike
When your kindness is taken
Made it like a mistake
If I would know love would search me
Like the shattered glass I have became
I would leave this world behind
And search the real love I deserved
Wish I have been the soul
Not so sickened about the lies
I may see the better world
Not wearing a skin of lies
Maybe gaining is a momentum
And losing a sigh
Wish you had been the same
I would have least thought of hating
Now I don’t feel anything
Nor any sign
But I am very scared
Of this thing called love
It is a last place to be
It makes you miserable
I don’t know any karma
I don’t know any disgrace
I just know to wake me up
I have been pinched too hard
Just to smile at my situation
Keep laughing traitor
Thanks for leaving me alone
Thanks for laughing at me
I am thankful for the fear of love
You have given me so beautifully
I could never have gotten it by myself
I will walk away, With all my dignity
And my shattered pieces you won’t be stepping on
I will build a castle out of it
But still no place for love
No miseries to come
Just life full of kindness
And mistaken identities

Going Care free


I am into music
I am into dance
I am into tunes
I am into romance
I see I laugh
I wish I feel
I believe I am into something more
I am so care free
I am so care free

I walk so slowly
I say so loud
I give up so soon
I work so hard
I imagine my life
I imagine my cloud
Of the seven depths alive
I am so care free
I am so care free

Back stepping on foot
Working charms on suit
I have designed a silver moon
And sparkled sun alive
I am easily tangled
Don’t see my camouflage
Drunk in love
The worst I can be
I am so care free
I am so care free

Now if it’s a morning phase
Or I see a true pink
It’s the blush I pinched
Its walk to guarantee
Gimme something good
Do I wanna know?
Ain’t it fun good?
Ain’t it truly me?
I am care free
I am care free

Don’t think I forgave you
Don’t think I started it
I am the one to finish
I am on to longing
I see another shore
I see another shop
Of all the colors you brought
This one sticks aloud
I am your dream
I am your reverie
I am so care free
I am so care free

Wishful Thinking


On a starry night
My wishes tend to ask
Why do you cry?
What do you seek?
There is a pleasant self
Uprising on the reef
Your soul is your window
A vision to the world
Here you random ask
Why I suffer this loss
Who’s happy here?
Who doesn’t seek?
The knock to your door
Rings the same bell
When you choose life
Over the arbitrary hell
My wishes are more
My time is less
All I face to choose
Surrendering to the ultimate you
Surrendering to the ultimate you

Heaven is my smile
Tears are my joy
Silently wishing in the night
Those moments of truths
The face, the eyes, the toys
All will believe
When you dance to the tune
Of the bringing a human in you
Kiss the trees, love the soil
It’s the wondrous part of few
Images are shattered
When you say a lie
Hands are fold and left
Only to alone die
Why to curse?
Why to break?
When all which is owned
Stayed here when you had left
Write your own story
With an ink of sunshine
Build a leaf
Rising on the virtuous time
All that matters by heart
Stay ever true
All I face to choose
Surrendering to the ultimate you
Surrendering to the ultimate you



Displacement of this life
Time is running on my mind
Changes in the self
Opportunist misses the flight
My qualifications are all right
But I don’t have a sight
To fight for the evil
To charge at my way
Imagining the courses
Dumpling the trace
To choirs of the wall
In all four direction of the hall
Imagining up the choices
You said it, you did wrong
How dare you could burden
With all those lies
Withholding my destiny
Changing my disguise
I am a person
With thousand colors of life
If I show my wings
You would dare to pass away
They are big, they are bright
They are a messenger of the white
They are pleasure to my suffice
I assure of a golden bow
That I took of a star
I will kill all the sins
And of all your lies
Flutter flutter
Fight for your cause
Be honest, be fit
And hold your head high
And if you can’t
Suppress imagining counting dice
What you did
Is what you will get
You will never get an umbrella
Out of a broken nasty shell
Face it, be brave
And never cheat
Or you will be the only one
Facing the bestow heat.



How often you can see
Rare chances of this life
When you take the wrong
And it turns out to be right
And when you start to love
Those small bleeping lies
But what it fore turns
Are the rare chances of this life

How often you can think
Of the luxuries in this life
You need everything
Tops the list in this drive
When you know the more
Wants being so endless
What a small smile can do
Favors the joys of this wellness
And when you start to see
That’s when you start to live
But what it fore turns
Are the rare chances of this life

Miseries and failures triumph
When heart rules over mind
It takes two to be correct
While it take one to end
And when you choose both
There comes a withstand
Your wishes are the soul
A Mirror to your mind
You then see to follow
Whenever try to bend
Those lovely memories of past
You wish to just hold them
Before turning back
But what it fore turns
Are the rare chances of this life

When you enjoy your present
More than your past
And when you sing
The rhythm ever to last
That’s when you really live life
And everything you wished
Is all what you get
But such is life
They are just mirages of the thrive
And the rare chances of this life

Behold to head up high
And try to remember
What you all got
What you just mended
May be the last person isn’t far
May be being alone does catch
And the last train doesn’t fetch
So be wise and free
And never lose to hypocrisy
When you start to see
That’s when you start to drive
And what it fore turns
Are the rare chances of this life

A Troubled Mind


I have counted fairy tales
I have choked many scales
If you ever gaze around
To hear an unusual sound
Charming are the senses
I fell into prey
Laughing in disguise
My troubled mind says okay

I think and think
And I think again
So I tried calling people
And call my friends to say
I miss us and I need us
For friends to last pace
It’s after all the god’s gift
To an horrible chances of delay
Again laughing in disguise
My troubled mind says okay

When relations are burden
When thoughts fight
When you choose the wrong
But your heart says it right
Whose fault is it?
Who’s to deny
Laughing in disguise
My troubled mind says okay

When on a lonely night
I play with fate and smile
Accompanying me are thoughts for a while
Dancing to my heart tuned
Churned with a child
I celebrate my loneliness
I sing in my sky
To a lone corner
Delighted for a way
Laughing in disguise
My troubled mind says okay

Who’s to blame?
Who’s to question?
I neither need a raw
Neither a knife
Yet I cut
Far as a thousand mile
If I say I joke
You realize a serious smile
And if I say to play
You chase a thousand lies
If you could just try
And read my mind
You be down with tears
You would be slow on fight
But all you need to deceive
Expectations beyond mesmerise
Laughing in disguise
I finally had my say
No matter how it end
My troubled mind always finds it okay

Curses of a Shadow


Dreams to decorate, Chances to fascinate
To emerge from a lonely shore
Broken on your immortal chores
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

You are a disgrace, you happen to be a face
Full of disguises and lies, walking with a tale
Churning time on a hell’s base
You are disappointment, your body despise
Who cares for the truth?
Even you shadow diminished, with every passing of mile
May you suffer to last breath, May you chase for a life
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

If you seek the water, falling on a river side
Your hand is struck, with not a drop to luck
Whatever you wish for, whatever you seek
You many get the differing, following another streak
How you let me feel the pain, with numbness in your gain
As I wish you gratify the same
Not in less
But tripling chances, never to go in vain
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

You cheated, you lied
You killed me, you left me putrefied
I lie around here, still alive
Only to diminish your soul, to curse your life
You may get the same
Whatever you gave, whatever you tamed
If I feel a pinch inside, if I feel any pain
It’s your gift on to game, for a love full of shame
Be down be hate
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow

May you discover, the piece of life
And lose it forever, on a chasing wind miles
This life I seek, the life you foe
You will be prized soon, by the curse of a shadow