Our Teachers made us what we are today. With deep gratitude and love we offer our respects and greet them and all of you on this special day. "Happy Teachers Day" from all of us at Gemstoneuniverse

In another time of this year, some things may make sense and some never will. There will always be people who are going to fill your life with colors & dreams and many more who will always disappoint you. This is not just about destiny or chance or even time. Time will always try to warn you about its yin or yang, the good or the bad but it’s up to us we dare to accept it. I’ll say accept it because it’s not easy to receive and process the information when we just want to make us right. We are in so much love and attached from them, many times accepting the fact won’t b easy even when we see. Other times we are just so used to that routine of being in with few people, we may not want to disturb the fact they are betraying on us. Well, acceptance is difficult but more soothing. Refusal is easy but disturbing. Even with the courage, we may accept the fact of betrayal, okay this is happening to us, the relying causes either come on how we are less appealing than others or we just need to get ourselves on the journey of devil cause we are so naive. That’s a crazy one. If someone did bail on us, it says about the character of the other person is born with and why is that something is wrong with how we appeal to the world. If someone has to do it, even an accumulated satisfaction & beauty of the whole world in one won’t make the individual stop to do the same and if he or she won’t then they would think us no less than perfect in our worst state of mind. The people are programmed to only accept the best they can think off and then let you down so you stay one step behind because they can’t accept the fact you’re simply better. Not because you may be beautiful, charming or wealthier but because you have a soul of being human, a great example for mankind. Well, all I could recommend for today is…Accept yourself, be with someone you can love at the worst and first of all be in love with yourself. You’re a gem of your own and this company will be with you until you die. It’s all you, It belongs to you. Never give yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve your loyalty. Always remember this body & soul is your place of worship before going to someplace else. The supreme lord will always exist inside.
Have a nice evening :)

Good Morning :)

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Never love someone so much to give him the power to destroy you. It’s not love, It’s greed. Just another need!

Love is flawless and Unconditional. It’ll never be measured in quantity. Hours, Days, Months doesn’t guarantee the deepness you may feel from inside. Its innocence is as pure of a child laughter and so is the anger just falls on you because his most precious thing is threatened to. It’ll never be need of permissions and acceptance from world. The only acceptance will be of the heart that exactly knows what it wants. Don’t cast the shadows of your own limits and accept the choices you made. It’ll be always your responsibility. There are no Ifs’ or  Buts’of the choices you made. There is no reason enough to justify the situations made by you. The luck will always favors the brave. And If you see the only things you feel from this beautiful emotion is Pain…Walk Away. Be brave enough to walk away from the greed and need which have no wants. Don’t trap yourself in the habit of person where the priorities are different. Always be sure of the position you want yourself to fit in. Of course Live in the moment, There lies the beauty of life But let the moment be for you both ….Equally!! Then it will be Love.

There may be the same people who will try to blame you with the decision they took but honestly honey..It doesn’t work that way. No one will do anything if they wont feel like. We just try to find the convenient way with hurting those who are less required in life and accepting to those who they will need around them so there life will be simpler and easy.

Hiding how you really feel and trying to make everyone happy doesn’t make you nice, it just makes you a liar.
Jenny O’Connell, The Book of Luke

World is definitely beautiful and Life will give you many chances again to live your fairy tales. Its perfectly okay to make mistakes in life. There will be another day, another year, another moment, another person. Until then, Keep living with love and common sense. Whenever you feel something, It’s usually right the first time with your instinct. Don’t be blind enough to give chances to same mistake. It’s a long life to make new mistakes and learn from them.

Have a great day !!!



Why are you so weak?

Starting with a blank page
Walking through the lanes
My windows are open
The air dancing is still pale
Barren lands await in every corner
Mistaken identities
Again so guarded
The choices are less
I still have no clue
A friend, A partner of dawn
A simple question to ask
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The miseries of human nature
The acceptance and defaults
Bodies plays a role defying in minutes
Running hot ,Just up and down endlessly
Why its so difficult to figure
The only Yes or No syllables
Knowing people only make it worse
The sides part anyway
Cold bloodied emotions
The tears tear away inside
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The music plays in my hands
My lips shut so tight
There are voices in my head
Why does my heart plays to disguise
Guide the feet to walk away freely
The disappointments walk by side
I wonder still the lies may be twisted
Seeing in eye to eye
Promises of a Never land
The cuts become sharper in pride
Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

The lame responses to forget
The endless wait of the nights
The hands became numb
The glance of the sky went high
I only see walking away
From the tomorrow you stole away
I am turning the pages
Burning the whole book you lied
The nuisance is frayed
I am going up to the peak
You standing here being a man
But Why are you so weak?
Why are you so weak?

You don’t touch me
The way it is used to be
This don’t happen like this
Holding on isn’t enough
I want to see the plunge
Hanging on the neck
Risk being seen in all my glory
I dream again and again
I reject the acceptance I need from you
I stand for my own self
I project all the stories from inside
I will cherish love and fear but you,
Just so weak
Just so weak


Happy Morning!

Hello friends,

“When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day when the sun rises.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Mornings are always beautiful, not just because they tell start of something new like a blank canvas to fill with as many colors as one want to but also chances, brand new chances in life. Those which were not present yesterday or fulfilled, there is another chance to do them. It’s beautiful how golden sparkles of sun rays dance, full of positivity and energy healing anyone who comes under its presence. Every living being is born with sensitivity to touch. They touch, they feel. That’s how connection is made, from a beautiful touch straight to the heart. The rays are mingled with air, dispersing its golden sparkles to every leaf, every flower, and every petal in it. Just like being one with the nature, making sounds of freshness, new beginning, new dreams and arising new love in every moment it tries to cherish. Still we start our day by complaining, why? Why can’t one see the endless possibilities he’s surrounded by? A leaf be born with the first rays of sun that it receives in morning, no matter how bad was his yesterday, he is still alive. Isn’t that important too? I’ll tell you a reason. He just lives in his present. He doesn’t worry for tomorrow, and energize itself from any experience that yesterday bought for him. His focus is what I can be today. I can be today. That is very powerful word if spoken with devotion and surety. Just look around and feel, there is positivity inside you, there is endless love inside you, and there is a beautiful you inside you. Make sure you hold its hand, make it stand and let it rule you before the world starts ruling you. Live your life each day, each moment, it is important!! Thinking about yesterday is important only if it makes you free and planning about future is important as long as you are delighted in looking forward to it. If any of this makes you the opposite of this, it’s time to make a change. Look at the rays of sun shining so bright, his rays dancing on drops of water and spreading joy whichever face it touches. Open your arms take deep breath and feel it, Sun is trying to heal you, wind is trying to kiss you and nature is trying to guard you. Why run away from this shield? All your life you do things so you are safe, your family is safe, why not trust in something that protect even a new born leaf as fragile as bubble. You will be alright, Trust in him.

“It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

This morning I woke up

Felt something like me

Listening to the melody

Shining so bright

I can finally hear him

Awake and Arise

Enjoy your mornings!

Forgetful past

Past is what we chose, present is what we choose and our future inevitably gets chosen.

Today I am going to write about an essential aspect of our lives- our past. A past we know, sometimes we treasure, sometimes we feel sad about and sometimes we regret. Everyone had a past which had an impact on the future we live today. This past changes us, sometimes for the bad, sometimes for the good. So how to describe this past? Eventful or regretful? Is it necessary for us to be worse version for ourselves because of the past? Well many times it could hamper to the extent that we lose our original selves in the heat of hatred, jealousy and betrayal. But what can we do? After all it’s a part of our human emotions to react like this. That’s what emotions are for.

Many times I just wish to go back and take some correct decisions in my past. I would do everything I hoped, I could have done and step away from people I desire now, just would have deleted by then. Several a times I just wish for the small button to be in my hand and rewind for to be a better me than I am today. But would that solve everything? Or even it would solve anything at all? Even if I could, is this the solution to all my problems and circumstances that are bothering me now? There are many movies made on these thoughts of hoping to be older or younger, go back in time and live the life but to see that the conditions aren’t actually the same. It is worse than the expected. So maybe it’s like that way only. What you thought to be true may just be an illusion of your dreamy brains.

Currently I learnt something which very much answers that why I want to correct my past and why I shouldn’t be getting the rewind button in my life. Life always gives opportunities. It always does and it will keep on doing that until you’re pretty much alive. I think that decisions that I took, may be not very well correct and that I should correct it but who made me think realized it? Who made me think that better decisions are needed? Who? Answer is experience and it comes from experiencing the past. If you don’t have it, you can never differentiate between a wrong and a right one and until you know, you will never care about wrong and right. So past gives you a wonderful gift- experience. The more experienced you are, the less likely you are going to commit the same mistake unless its love-that anyway makes people go crazy and make mistakes. As in the words of Paulo coelho

“People never learn from anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves. So that’s what experiences do and experience counts. “

Another reason would be as a person, even if I try to go back or forward I still am the same person. So even with the fact to know the past or future I may not change everything because if I could, I would have changed now in my present and no need for thinking to travel in the past and wish for the miracle. To have a miracle, I have to be the miracle. I heard it somewhere and perfectly fits up here. If I lost many things to the fact trusting people blindly, so even if I get in my past either I would trust them again & again to feel betrayed or I many not trust people at all and lose so beautiful relationships in my life. Many times what we try to change like our mistakes, that had only made people closer to us, respects to us and felt important to us and if this changes, that would change too. Anyway no one wants to die being alone. Our life is what we make of it and people are what we see in them. So rather hoping to change the past, we should change our present and live future brilliantly.

Various times our past comes in front of us. Ever wondered why? When I thought, something came into my mind. May be the past coming back is a signal, either to take an opportunity you lost because it belongs to you or may be to completely erase it from your mind. It may come for better or worse but one thing is for sure, people change from it. People many change their habits but they sure don’t change their characters. So choose wisely if to let your past enter in your life or not. My change led me to be a better person and I endure it. Now if I think, about my wish to learn the dance when I was little now is the time to acquire it. May be the bones would be a little stiff but still it is better than a stiff journey and will only make an enjoyable to travel. May be that’s the reason if you believe in reincarnation, we don’t remember our past lives because god wants us to look forwards and fresh in a better way. Past can only be knowledgeable for a lesson and never worshiped. To end with the words of Jane Austen

“You must learn some of my philosophy. Think of the past as the remembrance that gives you pleasure”

Prayer to the Mother


Prayer for the kind of alike self
To mother nature- we need your help
We are children belonging to you
Don’t let us forget how to be true
Our mistakes are beyond par
We savagely destroyed so much in war
Cutting the trees and building own house
On persistence neglecting everyone else arouse
Your broken heart belongs to us
Never did anything to make it up
We are sorry for what we did
Don’t be so angry on the human seed
Your children died selfless because of us
We never raised a chin to dusk
Chances are tomorrow some people may forget
May not even still bothered to be wet
But there are children that love you to the core
Whose morning and evening rest on your shore
Your eyes are our soul to heaven
On your shoulders we can sleep on seven
We together will try to make it a safer place
Where you and we can coexist with space
Help us, as we pray to you
O Mother Nature, you’re our only clue
O Mother Nature, you’re our only clue

This poem is dedicated to the natural disaster in uttarakhand, India. Rather calling it as natural disaster, we are the one that made it to happen. Time is short, life is shorter. We love our kids and try to give them the best things available and still treasure to pass on them a burden of a barren earth with no life. Ever think they will die of hunger, of water and of air if we continue to pollute out environment at same pace. Nature never destroys; just we try to cross the line. Let us help Mother Nature in protecting us and let her live so as our future generations to come with peace and quality.

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A friend in need


“A friend in need

Is a friend indeed

Too much requirements

Of the icing on the preach

There are many people in life

No matter how they see

Those who choose to be close

Are the farthest indeed”

We all choose life full of beauty, value, happiness and friends. And we try our best to concentrate on each of them. Of all of them friendship is the most genuine gift ever known.  But still some people try to play with it and trick it. No one is stupid enough in this world they won’t know he or she being used or played, just we love the other one so much that it sometimes looks appropriate to be used because we care about them. Human are supposed to be bonded with each other since the early evaluation. They are the only being who can express themselves so well. So there were earlier times when people learned to bond and now people are learning to bond and play whatever circumstance may make it seem right. They carefully choose people as friends like a future investment and use them whenever and wherever required.  Some of the lines of a poet I remembered were actually quite suitable on this

“I hugged them with my heart

And smile on my face

While there hands on the back

Searched for my empty pockets”

People are really blessed if they find such good friends. Many of us has made life a game of winning or losing only but where’s the middle part where you can see what are you winning and what are you losing on expense of that winning? Why can’t we just enjoy and endure our beautiful friendships than using them for good or bad. We as humans are social animal. We know how to express ourselves deeply giving emotions of liking and hatred and hurting etc. There is just no justification to cheat a friend no matter how important any business deal is or how much in love you are with someone new. If a friend is worth keeping there is no reason for why you should choose something over your friend. The thing is that a friend is the one who will sit in a corner if you are cornered and vice verse. He would need no explanation even if you seem loser to the whole world. So why can’t we be just honest with ourselves and our friends. If you are true to your commitments towards him then don’t let time take those precious moments you can spend with your best friend. Hug him, call him, stand for him, make time for him and love him for everything right and make him realize about his wrong turns but don’t make his faults the reason to betray him. Most of us realize about how important was he or she once they are gone. Don’t let that happen. It’s not a right thing at all. Tell him if you have some problem with him and he could either make it right or you could know you way out to step.

We live in a universe which brings us back to where we start just like the cycle of life so better throw the things which you would like to come back that way or be prepared for the worse after all there is an interest that get due for in between time. Life’s short and times are shorter so why to complicate everything? Be friends with them who you can commit or rather be acquaintances on work basis. On the last note

“On the sands of the sea

Footsteps of you and me

I walk on each step of you

Before you could make through

For I will clean your path

Not a scratch on your heart

This promise I made to myself

And I will forever say

We are friends forever

Till the true heavens have a place to stay”

Relationships are not healthy anymore


Once upon a time, there lived a king and queen. With a magical bliss a daughter was born. Laughter and joy was all around, the kingdom rejoiced and there was happiness all around.  Life was virtuous and they lived happily ever after. Sounds true? Well, not so anymore. Our relationships have got much more complicated then wishing to live like a king or a queen. For to be simply put our relations are not so healthy anymore.  One of the basic reasons of this would be unfaithfulness or dishonesty among us and just believing that a little fun won’t hurt.  Sometimes people would just cheat for the sake of pleasure or sometimes they are just not brave enough to tell the other person what their relationship lacks and when the cheating happens fairly near of in the future guilt stays. It stays like an unwanted guest in our home. You want to move him out but you can’t for the courtesy sake.  It does stays in your thoughts, even if you try to move out yourself. It’s actually easy to make or start relation but work it out is a demanding task. . Buying comes about one time; maintenance is set all through life.  Just like a new shiny toy for a kid. He gets all happy at first, use it for some time and when he sees another toy there is an absolute attraction for it. He is still is loyal to his old one, plays it for some time but the new one as his favourite and one day he replaces it all but with scars and marks of being used are left for his life. As so far relationships are concerned, everything is too many whiles treated the same.

Everyone should understand life is for having fun, living it at fullest and delight but also for making a difference. You can have fun in life but making fun of someone else life isn’t an icing on your cake.  Mind’s your own business and be brave to whatever you shall face. Rather than cheating work out your problems or just move on. Or in case you don’t like to consider these options just move around, have a place change, give yourself the time to find what you actually seek. Much time I think Relations are like pure gems in jewellery. Taking away can leave empty places to fill which could be fulfilled again but of it would require gems of same size and shape and trust me not everyone is lucky.

Life happens once and so does loyalty in a relation so why not treasure it while you still can. It’s too short to be mad at each other and move away. The beauty and reverence of relation are when they are together and not apart but only if you want to sustain it from eyes to heart and not as a deal of business with counting profits and losses every day.

Have a good day!