Our Teachers made us what we are today. With deep gratitude and love we offer our respects and greet them and all of you on this special day. "Happy Teachers Day" from all of us at Gemstoneuniverse

In another time of this year, some things may make sense and some never will. There will always be people who are going to fill your life with colors & dreams and many more who will always disappoint you. This is not just about destiny or chance or even time. Time will always try to warn you about its yin or yang, the good or the bad but it’s up to us we dare to accept it. I’ll say accept it because it’s not easy to receive and process the information when we just want to make us right. We are in so much love and attached from them, many times accepting the fact won’t b easy even when we see. Other times we are just so used to that routine of being in with few people, we may not want to disturb the fact they are betraying on us. Well, acceptance is difficult but more soothing. Refusal is easy but disturbing. Even with the courage, we may accept the fact of betrayal, okay this is happening to us, the relying causes either come on how we are less appealing than others or we just need to get ourselves on the journey of devil cause we are so naive. That’s a crazy one. If someone did bail on us, it says about the character of the other person is born with and why is that something is wrong with how we appeal to the world. If someone has to do it, even an accumulated satisfaction & beauty of the whole world in one won’t make the individual stop to do the same and if he or she won’t then they would think us no less than perfect in our worst state of mind. The people are programmed to only accept the best they can think off and then let you down so you stay one step behind because they can’t accept the fact you’re simply better. Not because you may be beautiful, charming or wealthier but because you have a soul of being human, a great example for mankind. Well, all I could recommend for today is…Accept yourself, be with someone you can love at the worst and first of all be in love with yourself. You’re a gem of your own and this company will be with you until you die. It’s all you, It belongs to you. Never give yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve your loyalty. Always remember this body & soul is your place of worship before going to someplace else. The supreme lord will always exist inside.
Have a nice evening :)