Meshes uproar in a high
Awaited thorough circles
Together we smiled
Tonight waking under the stars
I have this moment for a while
Make the elegance washed
The most glorious part of you
I have been crowned before
I had this thought earlier
The centre of this gravity
The walk before the miles
I am into a shadow
A disappearance worth miles
We are who we are
In the innocence of lights
In the music of shimmer
I wished it again
No pounding diaries to write,
Amazes and amassed
More stories to listen
I am just walking
I am just keep walking
One reason not to change
One another to let this go away
Why do people keep fearing
Why there is none to see the feet
They have been running
For quite awhile
People fall for mysterious ways
Maybe it’s just a blink
Towards the thousands stars to see
Maybe we find it all
Where we are
Where we’ll be
Smile is just that it all takes💕