Happy Morning!

Hello friends,

“When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day when the sun rises.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Mornings are always beautiful, not just because they tell start of something new like a blank canvas to fill with as many colors as one want to but also chances, brand new chances in life. Those which were not present yesterday or fulfilled, there is another chance to do them. It’s beautiful how golden sparkles of sun rays dance, full of positivity and energy healing anyone who comes under its presence. Every living being is born with sensitivity to touch. They touch, they feel. That’s how connection is made, from a beautiful touch straight to the heart. The rays are mingled with air, dispersing its golden sparkles to every leaf, every flower, and every petal in it. Just like being one with the nature, making sounds of freshness, new beginning, new dreams and arising new love in every moment it tries to cherish. Still we start our day by complaining, why? Why can’t one see the endless possibilities he’s surrounded by? A leaf be born with the first rays of sun that it receives in morning, no matter how bad was his yesterday, he is still alive. Isn’t that important too? I’ll tell you a reason. He just lives in his present. He doesn’t worry for tomorrow, and energize itself from any experience that yesterday bought for him. His focus is what I can be today. I can be today. That is very powerful word if spoken with devotion and surety. Just look around and feel, there is positivity inside you, there is endless love inside you, and there is a beautiful you inside you. Make sure you hold its hand, make it stand and let it rule you before the world starts ruling you. Live your life each day, each moment, it is important!! Thinking about yesterday is important only if it makes you free and planning about future is important as long as you are delighted in looking forward to it. If any of this makes you the opposite of this, it’s time to make a change. Look at the rays of sun shining so bright, his rays dancing on drops of water and spreading joy whichever face it touches. Open your arms take deep breath and feel it, Sun is trying to heal you, wind is trying to kiss you and nature is trying to guard you. Why run away from this shield? All your life you do things so you are safe, your family is safe, why not trust in something that protect even a new born leaf as fragile as bubble. You will be alright, Trust in him.

“It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

This morning I woke up

Felt something like me

Listening to the melody

Shining so bright

I can finally hear him

Awake and Arise

Enjoy your mornings!


Just a beautiful heart


Love is unconditional, love is pure,Love is the only thing, closest to god.

Make sure you dont miss the chance,to build your own dream.

Find your own god, And make it your destiny.

Raindrops keeps falling

Effortlessly on my pane

There is a new future

Holding hands in pain

Making my way

Through someone’s else mind

If you would think fast

You know what I mean

I am seeing something

And it’s a charming new reverie

Arising under my cart

A new adoration to perceive

Aint of a doll or toy

Quit playing games dear

Just a beautiful heart after all

I have woke lying above the ocean

Its soft, it’s serene to my mind

Someday I be living in this life

Making my way through the rainstorms

Ever strong, destined to be there

All I can look myself merged

Only to surrender before love

And if the floating begins

Just sway me with your love

I be ready

Just a beautiful heart after all

Swirly and singing

There are waves I am making through

Am I all yours? All I am is being me

Taking some deep breaths

Something that I haven’t seen in a while

Am I lying? Have I lost my mind?

I don’t think so, I just feel so right

It’s the agony kissed away

A new wish folding through

To rise above all

To fight under the constraint

Trying to whisper

This love is meant for me

I have nothing to lose

An ardour, it’s my new wish

Just a beautiful heart after all

The one above all

Made me a promise for life

There would be no bondage

May my heart be at liberty

Fly, swim, jump whatever I care

Turn my instances into events

None is a confrère any more

Dance to the fullest

Live to the greatest

Hold my arms

Stand with me

Rest in my dreams

I be counting on those stars

To be like endlessly

Choose to stay with me

We’ll be always wining

As Close to whisper through the wind

As close as I can hear you say

For the love that rest in me

For the love that rest in you

Just a beautiful heart after all

Fly Away


I have fair opened my arms

And I am trying to believe

Things that are around me

Am I so selfish?

How come I didn’t see?

How come I didn’t feel?

There are just so many faces

Fallen away in countless complexities

If I could just be an reader

And read someone’s mind

I may found out the reason

Behind a smile or scowl

How someone felt sleeping alone

When he didn’t have the words to say

Someone backing from front

Someone leaving behind

And why did it matter to me?

If there would be a world beyond

And there are thousand places to see

I would pick them one by one

And my heart be glued to infinity

After all emotions that are alive

It’s always going to come back to me

My wishes are numerous

Life is once for all to feel

If I still didn’t have the courage

Never going to blame in on dexterity

There is always another way

Waiting to be revealed

Let my fingers be crossed

Walking on the pillow of my dreams

Sketching in some corner

Play tip toe on a tree

Facing it, it’s my destiny

For I shall love

It’s an integral part of me

Fly fly my love

May you always be care free



Learnt in my life

Things I need to survive

Isn’t just a breath taking away

Isn’t just love making me sway

I need to just carry on

I need to just carry on

I may be tired

I may be wrecked

I may deny

But never living a lie

I can’t skip freedom

I can’t be left to die

I have made those choices

For what I am alive

I have a fire

And I am still trying

They say to its easy to leave me behind

Don’t lie, don’t have a delusion

I’ll see, how will you let me go

I need to just carry on

I need to just carry on

There are moments when I may see

Someone chosen over me

Some more enlightened than me

But I close my palms

My head up high

I aim for the love

I shoot in the sky

It may torn me away

But never left undesired

I can never stop loving me

I can never stop trying me

I am a soul, I am a life

I need to just carry on

I need to just carry on

Look inside my heart

There is cherished dream

There are moments of truth

Waiting to dance freely

While you can figure out

You may not even see

There is a fire in me

And it’s victory

You can never break me

I am alive as I am me

I am just free in my own solidarity

I need to just carry on

I need to just carry on

Towards a fall

On the highest rise

I see the colours of moon

I see sun shining too upbeat

Stay if you like

If u won’t, I won’t deny

I am salvated

I am immortal

As I can in my will

I always know my turns

I know my game, i am a star

Don’t bother me

Or you won’t feel a thing

U dare mess me

And it will be fatal any way

I am love, I am life

There is no dead desire

There’s a fire within me

I choose to stay alive

And here’s my victory

All I can do is being me

And I will set it right

I need to just carry on

I need to just carry on

Here’s to a Morning


This morning I woke up

Smelling some fresh roses

As they come withering

Inside my coffee poses

I stance up from the bed

Waking thoughts inside my head

The winds whispers in my ears

Someone still waiting for a yes

Or may be its an illusion

Too beautiful to be true

I don’t know how to leave you

I don’t know how to keep you

I can’t love, I can’t hate

I am just somewhere

Wondering along those lonely faces

That once that said was mine

But now too far and too few

I can see this morning forever

If it happens to be true

Playing my favorite song

And walking with you

Only if I could dream of this

Or just make my heart feel the warmth

Someday it’s all going to make sense

Someday it’s all going to be a charm

I would fall in dreams of my own

The moments I choose to be with you

There would be no tears

The goodbyes just be broken

If you see me strong enough

Don’t be so surprised

For your love is what make it counts

The scent of this morning

Make me reminds of you

We are beautiful

We are true

Standing together

Too beautiful to be true

This morning has came

As my another dream

I choose to found me

When I tried to fell in you

For if you just stay

Never let go

I promise to keep mine

As I promise to you