Are you my Remedy?

Are you my remedy?
Are you my song?
What did I do right?
What did I do wrong?
Why this suffers
Why this chase
I happen to be cut
In bits and pieces
Of all that is torn
Between my heart
There is no stick enough
To fix the creases
Once torn forever break
Find the doom
Let it despair
In my thoughts
Those moments are alive
I wish to live
I seldom die
Those truths I seek
Wondering in the woods
Let me find a way
Better to melt and loot
I have no to say
Let me stand for me
If you want to help
I seek your self
Let me be your trance
When this situation feels blue
I am much better
Much better to see
You are way to lame
Holding the grudged we
I am not doing
I am not fooling
I am just living
What’s leftover in me?
Holding this hurts me
Leaving it stuns me
I seek a permanent thing
I imagine myself
As a free lover bird
Flying on the truer self
To me, see me
For a kiss of remedy


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