Never to Forgive


Shimmering twinkles in my eyes
The tears of sadness just putrefy
Imagine being alone
Left wandering on the shore
Dimmed of the sun
Shut out the sky
I am seeing the mist
Of the shoes left to die
While walking the path
The trees seems so mad
They almost left me
When I said them to clad
Of the emotions I pour
Of the curtains you praised
I told them I would forgive
The eminences of yesterdays
Of the joy hearing below
The senescence of both ways
My foot steps to follow
My broken heart to try
I have always trust the forgiveness
Better than hope to die
While picking the stones
I never try the gems
Hindered by the tones
There is so much of left
Now even the peace agrees
There is no way to fore try
I sadly leave you
Alike what you deny
Jumping of the shelves
Love to hold some hand
You take the hatred
And I will take the chance
Whisper me a bell
If you see another life
I sure do live another trance
Rather picking stones of cry
What people do
What people did
They get it back
Unfolded for silent gig
Praise the lord
For the thought I had
I may diminish for you
As you for me subtract
Crumbling on the end
Hatred to fumble
I will never forgive
The acts of your blunder
The acts of your blunder


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