Million dollar lies


I begin the poem, from assuring of a sparkly aim
A dart to fix, a prospect to claim
Their life is colossal, their issues are the key
no matter what they touch, it hits above being free
To climb the top of roof
They need lies which are Million dollar proof

Those sparkly people you see, in long cars to chase
Which are full of loyalty, as they succeed to fake
The smile intend to wear, ending on madness every year
More they fill the glass, the more it pours out of class
Still topping the ties
With the burden of million dollar lies

When it comes to promising, their cupid struck at best
Those dearest ballads and the new-fangled promising days on nest
So much in love as they be sure to cheat
After all what is seen, sells the best to feat
Operating on hearts with knives
Another addition to million dollar lies

If to be sitting solitary, tend to think a while
What they want enough, what they really prized
If to choose between a fake or dead man at stake
They lived a life of make, between cut and file
Or if they had chosen love,
They wouldn’t need those million dollar lies
To be happily living is what we need
Just a million dollar smile
Just a million dollar smile


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