Conscience says where Conscience stays


From people to pass
From mornings to wake
My conscience is clear
Myself pretty much awake
Or If I trusted on a thread
Made of truth and betrayal
I landed on my axle
Twice making the same mistake
Apparently there are no reasons
There is nothing to be justified
I sleep with my conscience
Pretty every night to be awake
If there is any path to choose
I had took the twisted turn
and to hold myself in the arms
Of loyalty, hypocrisy and learn
People turn into bad
They let you see every fear
Of all mistakes seen
The smallest make you shy
the one that make us lean
I may throw a random tantrum
To let me heard and to be seen
For its far time passed by
Letting me die invisibly
I have tried holding the grudges
Of the superficial time
It tried to tick me
Whenever there is a new passer by
Punching in the air
Won’t help it go away
The truth is to be confronted
For the revenge I hereby seek
Collateral damages are necessary
If you try to judge my inner tree
Its branches are falling out
Its life seems dull on a sea
Still I stand on my foot to feel
My roots are stronger than you’ll ever see
With every belief I chart
My conscience is clear
Myself to be
My target sails on a line
Or if I call on you
And you seem to see
There are times when I try to be dead
Then my conscience never let me.

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