Falling for you

Three cheers to my life
Disappointment lies in disguise
I may matter to the whole world
But all that matters to me
Is in the terms when I connect with you
Chances are that I may end up
Falling for you

True symphonies are made on love
When I see you, I see none above
Here I’m taking a stand
Working openly on a humble chance
Surprise as lame it seems
It’s my calling to have a breakthrough
Chances are that I may end up
Falling for you

After some people deceived me
And told me lies beneath the sea
I ended up falling on the shore
Relentlessly swaying to the waves
Here when you hold my hands
And then I began to see
I am alive as I ought to realize
The chances were so bright then
That I ended up falling on thee

No more disappointments to decline me
I worship my love for entirety
You’re the one who holds my heart
And the charm that never deceived me
Of the very thinking of you sparked
Like a concealed part in my life to see
There I finally standing in front of few
To being ended up falling for you

Even if I fail now to be back
I just want you to know
I will try my best to tell
& Let the whole world know
You matter to me and will be
My heart connects with you
No chances to count
I am in love with you
If you wish to love me back
I am standing in front door of the blue

9 thoughts on “Falling for you

  1. The Chirping of the Birds,

    Waking me up yet sleepy

    The Golden rays of Sun,

    Kissing my pillow to wake me,

    A distant train whistle ,

    Reminding me of my journey,

    Here’s to another promising morning,

    Chasing lucid dreams into wonderous realities,

    Confidence yet insecurities, Alone I feel

    Alone I say ?? I have universe and gebby ;)

    KickAss Morning ;)

    Have a lovely day ahead gebby !

  2. If wishes were horses :) I wish I really knew the person behind :) Now, I am getting greedy :( Take Care gebby :) See you around ! Keep posting more

    • Feeling are always there, you just have to recognize them! there is nothing like less or more, it jus be there either you know if or you haven’t felt them yet :-)

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