Decent Love

For the decent play of my life
When I danced there
Other times when I cried
My toes did sometimes hurt for a while
Still then I got them to try
Some moves were more round
Some other swayed with the sounds
Rhythms of love made us wet
Felt us being together
Like the first time we met
Pouring my smiling eyes
Over the dramas of the set
Together we made a great pair
Our mysteries was the only thing fair
Colors of the darkest deep
Made us young to every beat
When we tried to still our hands
The passion wrote wonders on sand
And when we walked for a mile
It’s the only path which seemed worth while
The kisses we shared can’t be forgotten ever
Nothing in this love will ever be denied
The only decent part I played in my entire life


4 thoughts on “Decent Love

  1. Being creative is a natural to us human beings BUT you really need to have a pure heart to actually feel things and express them with words – I am in love with the words and the heart behind these words :) Lots of respect ! I WOW ! Just feeling good :) God Bless you too whoever you are !

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