Prayer to the Mother


Prayer for the kind of alike self
To mother nature- we need your help
We are children belonging to you
Don’t let us forget how to be true
Our mistakes are beyond par
We savagely destroyed so much in war
Cutting the trees and building own house
On persistence neglecting everyone else arouse
Your broken heart belongs to us
Never did anything to make it up
We are sorry for what we did
Don’t be so angry on the human seed
Your children died selfless because of us
We never raised a chin to dusk
Chances are tomorrow some people may forget
May not even still bothered to be wet
But there are children that love you to the core
Whose morning and evening rest on your shore
Your eyes are our soul to heaven
On your shoulders we can sleep on seven
We together will try to make it a safer place
Where you and we can coexist with space
Help us, as we pray to you
O Mother Nature, you’re our only clue
O Mother Nature, you’re our only clue

This poem is dedicated to the natural disaster in uttarakhand, India. Rather calling it as natural disaster, we are the one that made it to happen. Time is short, life is shorter. We love our kids and try to give them the best things available and still treasure to pass on them a burden of a barren earth with no life. Ever think they will die of hunger, of water and of air if we continue to pollute out environment at same pace. Nature never destroys; just we try to cross the line. Let us help Mother Nature in protecting us and let her live so as our future generations to come with peace and quality.

Flood imag1


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