A Letter to my friend

A letter to my friend which ode a surprise. Much lesser scale on road, Very few to care for a while.
There are places to find and people to meet. I loved the road less traveled, of all the sources fit.
Fuzzy boots and crinkled smile, these shoes I hope to last for a while.
and here I try to ride it all to the end, the essence of sharing is best with a lovely friend.

While I try to check-in into a hotel, my intentions were doubled sized in total.
The rooms are nicer with a view; I have picked some dreams from drops of dew.
Of all I tried to jump of the past, my hands were full with wishes to last.
The first knock at the door, with food from the far. I loved the sounds of changes, chiming on the bar.
Appraisals melody to the fit, sightseeing here praises the myth.
There are stories and stories behind the unfold truth; I like the rhyming of the past vow being lit.

From taking memories out a mile, which I have been earning for a file.
This trip seems a sure shot one; I have all the experience that needs to be count.
So ending this letter with a smile, where amazing things happened for all the while.
I loved the fact there are places to explore and much breaths to take some more. So,
Wishes wishes I wish this for a life, there are chances for good if you happened to take them on time.


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