Truly Dreaming

For dreams I have been searching in past
And the day came across you and me at last
Eventually we did find it forever
Displacing peace on time
Repeats of yesterday running still on mind
Turning the heads of an inconsistent tide
Amazing options are forgiving some past
Depths of melody hardly ever last
Policies of a societal living
Interlopes the very depths of heart
If I may be true to myself
Or judging less of this drought
Have you ever wondered what you please?
Or just another alluring opportunity to seize
We are humans, not for just mistakes
But running a candle of love over all at stake
Choosing the lover is no mere reason to laugh
I may not choose you and die super-fast
For I could forgive the choices of being me
And ever regret the moments you just perceive
How wonderful we are to have something to find
The arms being closer and closer every time
There is a burden of lies that worry behind
But the lighter side of sit back did wonders on kind
I choose this to forever if could just dream
My existence worth with you is all that just life means


3 thoughts on “Truly Dreaming

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