Thousand to count


For thousand times in life
I have seen true people to lie
The charm inherited beyond their smile
Happiness at times merely last for a while

For thousand things you will say
And many more to just think if you may
Often there are ways to mend behind
To make most of everything when in time

For thousand things you may like to please
Many more societies you impress to be
Of one mirror to look beyond your face
Depths of soul will for once set to take your place

For thousand things you may feel
Sometimes pleasant, sometimes obstinate to see
You may let go off the hand trying to be you
But you could never let go thinking of a whom

For thousand things may just happen to be
Once in a million moreover you miss to see
What lays inside the one’s own self?
Is what you would ever really want to be

“I met you once and I knew you then and I did respect the very fact of it. But now here I see, I don’t want to know any of you. If you try to see just ignore me. Tell me I don’t exist, already much of it I have seen. I really don’t want to see any of it. Now you go miss something that wasn’t and I continue not remembering something that existed.There are billion people in this world but truly all we need is one- ours truly one”


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