My summer umbrella


Every season I have my hands full of wishes, There are one for the day and one for the year, My colours are always brushed in blue, Though the others are never far from being true, I made my desires for each colour to sew, Into an umbrella made of honey eyed summer dew, Now I have my hands swinging in this lovely season, Not farther is my summer umbrella with a rainy vision

For every grip that holds it tight, A Single drop of rain that makes it light, Surprise for the pink and purple on the right, Dancing on the time of every splash to fight, How to tell about the colors shining through the clouds?, Making a pathway for sun to say it out loud, No matter how you see and envision it on a sea, My sweet summer umbrella is chasing to be free

For once I came out in a hurry around, But my mind knew for what I have overlooked in round, And I am still so busy running in and of life, Surrounded by big starry eyes behind odd smiles, For the first summer lightning I started to hear, The buzz of something important was now much clear, I have left my colors in a stick somewhere being sound, For my beautiful summer umbrella had left the town

Those summers I kept waiting on days and more days to come, There was no sign of those jingling colors of fun, This is when I finally sat down on rear of a lane, The passing shadow turned into a sweet little mane, This is when the lightning approached with a thought, A lovely friend came back to me as a rock, He carried my life full of round choices to see, Seek to gift my joyous bundle of summers, Back from where it was once originated to be

This time I was certain to keep it safe, Enjoy the bliss of umbrella before losing it to some maze, For every other season there was an only wish to buy, Saying my beautiful summer umbrella, a singing hi, For not the only facts of many colors one could see, It brought me back my friend who meant everything to me, So now you know why I like to be in my summer cream, Former keeping the sweet umbrella safe in my dream!


Any thoughts to share?

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