Mirror to Show


Another damn day on the dawn

Another night to rhythms away on lawn

Behind I got a mirror to see

Liked the Uncertainty hustled in me

Whenever I see it, I doubt the grasp

Is it me or just alternative lovely mask

Whether I know this person who acts on mime

To come doubly on the other side of time

This face has lied for thousand truths

Behind the woods of mystic fruits

Mirror o mirror, reflection of thee

If I ask you may, if I choose to see

My dilemma of that summer day

Somewhere I intended to trace

Whether I tried to carry it

Or it made me does the chase

There are still dreams of someone

I seek roughly to treasure it there

Beneath all the lovely skin

There is a name different to see

Lost in the realm of mirages

I seek the internal me

Is there a promising life?

A world away from world

If I would lose the mask

Over the predilection of a popular style

Living in this mirrored world

For many years of being survived

There are various golden and silver glasses to see

Still not a solo mirror for me


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