A friend in need


“A friend in need

Is a friend indeed

Too much requirements

Of the icing on the preach

There are many people in life

No matter how they see

Those who choose to be close

Are the farthest indeed”

We all choose life full of beauty, value, happiness and friends. And we try our best to concentrate on each of them. Of all of them friendship is the most genuine gift ever known.  But still some people try to play with it and trick it. No one is stupid enough in this world they won’t know he or she being used or played, just we love the other one so much that it sometimes looks appropriate to be used because we care about them. Human are supposed to be bonded with each other since the early evaluation. They are the only being who can express themselves so well. So there were earlier times when people learned to bond and now people are learning to bond and play whatever circumstance may make it seem right. They carefully choose people as friends like a future investment and use them whenever and wherever required.  Some of the lines of a poet I remembered were actually quite suitable on this

“I hugged them with my heart

And smile on my face

While there hands on the back

Searched for my empty pockets”

People are really blessed if they find such good friends. Many of us has made life a game of winning or losing only but where’s the middle part where you can see what are you winning and what are you losing on expense of that winning? Why can’t we just enjoy and endure our beautiful friendships than using them for good or bad. We as humans are social animal. We know how to express ourselves deeply giving emotions of liking and hatred and hurting etc. There is just no justification to cheat a friend no matter how important any business deal is or how much in love you are with someone new. If a friend is worth keeping there is no reason for why you should choose something over your friend. The thing is that a friend is the one who will sit in a corner if you are cornered and vice verse. He would need no explanation even if you seem loser to the whole world. So why can’t we be just honest with ourselves and our friends. If you are true to your commitments towards him then don’t let time take those precious moments you can spend with your best friend. Hug him, call him, stand for him, make time for him and love him for everything right and make him realize about his wrong turns but don’t make his faults the reason to betray him. Most of us realize about how important was he or she once they are gone. Don’t let that happen. It’s not a right thing at all. Tell him if you have some problem with him and he could either make it right or you could know you way out to step.

We live in a universe which brings us back to where we start just like the cycle of life so better throw the things which you would like to come back that way or be prepared for the worse after all there is an interest that get due for in between time. Life’s short and times are shorter so why to complicate everything? Be friends with them who you can commit or rather be acquaintances on work basis. On the last note

“On the sands of the sea

Footsteps of you and me

I walk on each step of you

Before you could make through

For I will clean your path

Not a scratch on your heart

This promise I made to myself

And I will forever say

We are friends forever

Till the true heavens have a place to stay”


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