True Times


There are special times

And there are people in life

Whom we share and laugh

Enjoy the very thoughts of being mine

And yet there are reasons

For not letting us smile

More than togetherness

It is a matter of swinging tide

For countless reasons to let go

Those precious hands of time

Many times there were kisses of the stars

Were the witnesses of everything and behind

But the curtain which never went off

It was a little piece of destined mind

For all the special shades of love

The true feeling of you in my pride

There are many reasons to forget

And millions to wish you were mine

I have got many ins and outs to celebrate

For every cause there is a tear of a kind

But for every cry to look

I have thousand smiles in there to find

So there are special times

And many times some people in life

Of very reason or path that led me to you

I tried to pour a wishful hand of forgetting mind

Still sometimes I wish for the sky

For the audience in the stars to say a forgetful hi

May be still there are reasons to forget

And millions to still wish if you could be mine


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