Maiden with the flaxen hair

The Girl With the Flaxen Hair 30 x 24

Maiden with the flaxen hair

Offshore to the truth none dare

Whatever was there in her life

She never did spoke like a temper in disguise

Chosen to be sad

Not her faith only by being mad

Sweetness isn’t her cup of tea

Spice is just another enemy

There were sights of a further tree

A flower in the meadow cries to be free

She could walk over the shattered glass

Ruined pieces of dreams surpass

Fingers were always full of truths

In the making to write many pouting puts

Tempting were the parts of life untouched

Resembled to some were the facts too much

She wrote and wrote once a while

Whenever there was a nice ruined piece

Another broken shadow of the glassy seize

But after then it was worth a while

When the sounds were out

She got out the life

When dreams were dreams

And glitters were surprise

After all its magic is in the air

Beautiful maiden with the flaxen hair


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