Appearance of a shadow


Thinking of the past

Did it ever made you cry?

Underneath the pretty shell

Dumplings of sweet lie

The burdens are just so high

Elevating those true spirits of life

If I could really understood

The meaning of your lonely stranded eyes

When the words were sugar

And the fights were spice

The love sparked around

In the matter of surprise

Only if I could just be the name

The breath of your last wish

And I fulfilling the same

Loving thoughts and a cherished smile

We have walked since for more than a mile

I still try often to see

If only step back turns to cry

The judgement of more inferior pain

Criticizing and moaning of sun over rain

Together they go in denial

Many time fireworks off the pile

If I could ever hold it once

If I could ever hold it again

Slipped through my fingers

Is the past of mine

Though the appearance of a shadow

Rekindled the present of time


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