Sorry likes of me


Surprising to the blessing of thee

Many sorry likes of me

Apparently many were unheard

Other were just the usual crap stuff

Over the top of the life

Like to an icing of cherry reprise

For the mess of my self

And many more to criticize

Surprised was I to still see blessing of thee

When there were lying sorry likes of me


To the centre or up front

Doesn’t even mattered all along

I withdrew from the circle

Joined instead the broken end line

I know to go ahead was a trap

For sake of all the time to cry

The only blessing I could hear

Was still there in time

So was the inner seat taken?

Or just taken above all

No matter what nobody thinks

It’s the blessing that counts

And I have just blessed myself free

More than just being the sorry likes of me.


Any thoughts to share?

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