A friend in need


“A friend in need

Is a friend indeed

Too much requirements

Of the icing on the preach

There are many people in life

No matter how they see

Those who choose to be close

Are the farthest indeed”

We all choose life full of beauty, value, happiness and friends. And we try our best to concentrate on each of them. Of all of them friendship is the most genuine gift ever known.  But still some people try to play with it and trick it. No one is stupid enough in this world they won’t know he or she being used or played, just we love the other one so much that it sometimes looks appropriate to be used because we care about them. Human are supposed to be bonded with each other since the early evaluation. They are the only being who can express themselves so well. So there were earlier times when people learned to bond and now people are learning to bond and play whatever circumstance may make it seem right. They carefully choose people as friends like a future investment and use them whenever and wherever required.  Some of the lines of a poet I remembered were actually quite suitable on this

“I hugged them with my heart

And smile on my face

While there hands on the back

Searched for my empty pockets”

People are really blessed if they find such good friends. Many of us has made life a game of winning or losing only but where’s the middle part where you can see what are you winning and what are you losing on expense of that winning? Why can’t we just enjoy and endure our beautiful friendships than using them for good or bad. We as humans are social animal. We know how to express ourselves deeply giving emotions of liking and hatred and hurting etc. There is just no justification to cheat a friend no matter how important any business deal is or how much in love you are with someone new. If a friend is worth keeping there is no reason for why you should choose something over your friend. The thing is that a friend is the one who will sit in a corner if you are cornered and vice verse. He would need no explanation even if you seem loser to the whole world. So why can’t we be just honest with ourselves and our friends. If you are true to your commitments towards him then don’t let time take those precious moments you can spend with your best friend. Hug him, call him, stand for him, make time for him and love him for everything right and make him realize about his wrong turns but don’t make his faults the reason to betray him. Most of us realize about how important was he or she once they are gone. Don’t let that happen. It’s not a right thing at all. Tell him if you have some problem with him and he could either make it right or you could know you way out to step.

We live in a universe which brings us back to where we start just like the cycle of life so better throw the things which you would like to come back that way or be prepared for the worse after all there is an interest that get due for in between time. Life’s short and times are shorter so why to complicate everything? Be friends with them who you can commit or rather be acquaintances on work basis. On the last note

“On the sands of the sea

Footsteps of you and me

I walk on each step of you

Before you could make through

For I will clean your path

Not a scratch on your heart

This promise I made to myself

And I will forever say

We are friends forever

Till the true heavens have a place to stay”

An era of pain


I am planning an escape

Through a dark long maze

The knock is silent to be

Sparks do fly

And everywhere it chooses to see

There is nothing to ask nobody why

Amazing seems our patches

Life’s all short of catches

Never fully satisfies

Is the new born attach

Life’s hurtful a bit

Too loud, discouraging to admit

Apparently there are reasons

To let thousands of them to fly

I am picked by pieces

And many more to try

Hurt isn’t the only thing

That kiss me an hi

Around are some souls

Shy matters of the cry

Ugly souls have the saddest choices

And the platter of a tie

I am looking at a paper

Too blank to lie

True Times


There are special times

And there are people in life

Whom we share and laugh

Enjoy the very thoughts of being mine

And yet there are reasons

For not letting us smile

More than togetherness

It is a matter of swinging tide

For countless reasons to let go

Those precious hands of time

Many times there were kisses of the stars

Were the witnesses of everything and behind

But the curtain which never went off

It was a little piece of destined mind

For all the special shades of love

The true feeling of you in my pride

There are many reasons to forget

And millions to wish you were mine

I have got many ins and outs to celebrate

For every cause there is a tear of a kind

But for every cry to look

I have thousand smiles in there to find

So there are special times

And many times some people in life

Of very reason or path that led me to you

I tried to pour a wishful hand of forgetting mind

Still sometimes I wish for the sky

For the audience in the stars to say a forgetful hi

May be still there are reasons to forget

And millions to still wish if you could be mine



Weird is bizarre

And there is nuttiness

Thousands of different acts

In many of still miracle pacts

Let me tell you about a magician

Who knows the art

It’s a pile of surprise

In a wrapped house of dart

A magician of tomorrow

Taken by surprise

His mind makes the moves

Nobody knows of the facts

He hears all sees all

And there is none too tall

Many of the many things

That just came to the box of jolt

A magician worth notice

Another man to imagine anything on plot

Maiden with the flaxen hair

The Girl With the Flaxen Hair 30 x 24

Maiden with the flaxen hair

Offshore to the truth none dare

Whatever was there in her life

She never did spoke like a temper in disguise

Chosen to be sad

Not her faith only by being mad

Sweetness isn’t her cup of tea

Spice is just another enemy

There were sights of a further tree

A flower in the meadow cries to be free

She could walk over the shattered glass

Ruined pieces of dreams surpass

Fingers were always full of truths

In the making to write many pouting puts

Tempting were the parts of life untouched

Resembled to some were the facts too much

She wrote and wrote once a while

Whenever there was a nice ruined piece

Another broken shadow of the glassy seize

But after then it was worth a while

When the sounds were out

She got out the life

When dreams were dreams

And glitters were surprise

After all its magic is in the air

Beautiful maiden with the flaxen hair

Appearance of a shadow


Thinking of the past

Did it ever made you cry?

Underneath the pretty shell

Dumplings of sweet lie

The burdens are just so high

Elevating those true spirits of life

If I could really understood

The meaning of your lonely stranded eyes

When the words were sugar

And the fights were spice

The love sparked around

In the matter of surprise

Only if I could just be the name

The breath of your last wish

And I fulfilling the same

Loving thoughts and a cherished smile

We have walked since for more than a mile

I still try often to see

If only step back turns to cry

The judgement of more inferior pain

Criticizing and moaning of sun over rain

Together they go in denial

Many time fireworks off the pile

If I could ever hold it once

If I could ever hold it again

Slipped through my fingers

Is the past of mine

Though the appearance of a shadow

Rekindled the present of time

Sorry likes of me


Surprising to the blessing of thee

Many sorry likes of me

Apparently many were unheard

Other were just the usual crap stuff

Over the top of the life

Like to an icing of cherry reprise

For the mess of my self

And many more to criticize

Surprised was I to still see blessing of thee

When there were lying sorry likes of me


To the centre or up front

Doesn’t even mattered all along

I withdrew from the circle

Joined instead the broken end line

I know to go ahead was a trap

For sake of all the time to cry

The only blessing I could hear

Was still there in time

So was the inner seat taken?

Or just taken above all

No matter what nobody thinks

It’s the blessing that counts

And I have just blessed myself free

More than just being the sorry likes of me.

Value Yourself


Value yourself for the natural life

In between hands of nine to five

Value ­yourself for the stream of tide

Underneath which lies an opportunity alongside

Value yourself for the hands to catch

For never ever letting go the perfect match

Value yourself to the bright sky

It hold the stars of your dreams to fly

Value yourself for the better tomorrows

For the past yet to be told

For the future yet to be fold

Value yourself for the sorrows of lie

To which you always could have said goodbye

Value yourself for the prettiest sight to see

For every moment you had the time to count on the word “we”

Value yourself for the ultimate of love of why

For which every second could go on double try

Value yourself for the pleasant rain

In between the moves never shown had gone to drain

Value yourself for the last of the time

To circle the silver hands of five to nine