Dubious Fly


Body of wishes or a body of lie

Underneath determines a dubious angry fly

Anxious path wondered waited enough long

The right has been in the past to future where it belong

Spoken too soon or reacted to a sight

Underneath determines a dubious fly

My possessions were my greatest strength

Everyone wants to achieve them high

But the stolen gifts of life

Make itself a body of a spy

I am not comfortable no matter how hard I try

Trying harder sticks to me like a sky

How often I would scream isn’t myself being shy

Underneath it all determines a dubious fly

Apparently what I figured inside of a tree

Isn’t just the roots of a branched me

The body of hatred and invisible try

I am myself being a dubious lie

This is not about a wishing well

Or granting a boon of tickling mind fish

I wondered to clean inside out of a cry

Underneath the pleasures determines a dubious fly


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