I aspire one day to become something

The next day it was nothing

I felt confused and may be spent it

For I have reasons to pack

Not only to dealt it

I wondered about some decisions

That went such like a lie

I got a discreet mind

And some other sins letting ply

The life amazes me every other day

With much stronger case of pride and stay

There are many options till I dry

I walk a little, drop a bit and get my head fry

Much of thinking is done for the night

I shall open my blanket to sleep more tight


Doubtful juggler



From pleasure I seek

Or search to find

There is a narrow hell

Another brilliant mind

The curls are crazy

Straight difficult to wind

Hope’s the only candle

Always burnt alive

Needled hairs and threads

Spindled into thrive

Measuring the immeasurable

Surface up the time

Heal me to the way

Where I find the shallow line

Spread my wings

And I shall do some crime

If it’s to set me free

I might follow to tide my stream

To never see the life seek

Was something I used to peak

Keep guessing



For once upon an hour

Could be a minute or a bar

I could use an excuse

To make my anger infuse

I could use my life

To define hell trapped inside

­as making my dream sweeter

There are no recent updates of tweeter

May be there is a shortcut around

For life self-sack profound

I could better use a trap

To maze my interruptions in wrap

For there is no life outside

It’s neither in east, nor at Westside

I tried to eat it like a cake

But the knife never made its break

My only hope was a pen

A plan of hidden moments den

As long as I could pretend

The mystery of stares did never end

There are alphabets and letters

And many notes to perform

I could sing and dance

Write to use a line, have a chance

For the matter if I could ever hale

How much or less they wanted to sale

To the farther of east or the south

My mind is related well to the mouth

The notes would never do it as crawl

How much or less I wanted to all.

Fire by desire


I desire fire of freedom

Of generosity not to be a deemed pardon

I desire fire of existence born

And remove burdens of space to nothingness torn

I desire fire of living a real life

Swiftly moving into by five inclines

I desire fire near being loved

Rather opening my heart to someone’s unlovable else world

I desire fire of kindness

To feel the grace in between cess

I desire fire of sky

To fly higher ever and far the goodbye

I desire fire of split

To remove the behold betrayal never lit

I desire fire to see

And break the border in to claim any fee

I desire fire to embodied

Born again as I please, pleasure and feat.