Mysterious Woman


She weaves magical tales

Of frustration and of praise

She kept playing this harp

Whenever I come to the warp

Silken thoughts and beautiful mind

All my life just felt her fine

To the surprise we dealt at mid

Dawn and dusk are where forbid

I often ask her why

Love and hatred come to her in a tie

As often I could see with my eyes

She was weaving more stories of pies

The words played around her like snow

White, big, pure and worship in a bestow

She calmly set her brown eyes

Out of windows, I can never deny

One glimpse is all that she need to wove life

Striking and charming silk laces to rife

She’s is a dream unseen and a voice unspoken

In the midst of storms a raft silently woken

Magical are her hands to what I could only see

She’s the ultimate story, a book if I get a chance to read


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